10 Best degrees for the future

10 Best degrees for the future

Best degrees for the future

10 Best degrees for the future

There used to be a time when the fields of medicine and engineering used to carry all the demand and importance. Well, the bubble has broken and increasing demand of various other fields is in place. The world needs experts with innovative minds in wide-ranged fields. Here are the ten best degrees for the future.  

Computer sciences

The world of technology needs more and more experts who can work to bring more innovations in the field. Today, all the world’s businesses are being run on technology so the demand for a computer scientist is the need of the hour. You do not need to get a master’s education to be an expert usually, it just depends upon the skill set. Companies look for graduates who are capable enough to handle their systems with their expertise. A number of universities are offering bachelors in computer sciences in Pakistan.   

Software Engineering 

As mentioned above, all the companies, no matter what is their domain, have their software houses. And for them, they need engineers who can run their systems. Looking at the world’s dynamics, software engineering has replaced other engineering fields. There is a high probability that every software engineer who has a good skill set will find a job in this country. Moreover, they have a good scope internationally, too. In short, they have a bright future both in Pakistan and abroad. Many universities have started offering software engineering along with computer sciences programs. 

Industrial and Organizational Psychology 

Countries are now recognized by the industries they have. And the industries are managed by humans, their relations with each other, long-term employees, and their productivity. Industrial and organizational psychology ensures all of this by taking care of both employees’ and employers’ concerns and devising plans that can work for the overall flourishment of the company. More and more companies are now recognizing the worth of these graduates. Institutes have now started offering this subject like Punjab University. 

Environmental Studies 

The imminent environmental threat to this Earth makes authorities worried about its survival. Environmental scientists who can devise sustainable ways to protect the environment are the most needed experts today. Not just that, they are going to hold major positions in the future because this concern will last forever. So, environmental studies are now being given utmost priority internationally. In Pakistan, too, many universities are offering the subject.  

Clinical Psychology 

With the increasing trend toward technology, there is more threat to the mental health of human beings. Today, there are uncountable cases of mental health disorders. Apart from that, people are a victim of anxiety and stress that they need to consult specialists. Moreover, people are becoming aware of the importance of a child psychologist for autistic or other children with mental disabilities. Therefore, this degree is gaining boom with the everyday.  

Animation Studies 

Animators are required in a plethora of fields all around the world. From film-making to graphic designing in different software houses and the gaming industry, they are required everywhere. Though not a lot of universities are offering the subject the trend is getting in and there will be more opportunities for studies in the future.  

Business and Finance

The worlds’ economy is being run on the shoulders of small and big businesses. So, the need for experts from business and finance is never going to be diminished. They are needed in the various departments of industries like administration, human recourses, and finance. Degrees in the field are being offered by every other university in Pakistan.  

Sustainable Energy Management

With depleting the world’s energy recourses, people are needed who can ensure the sustainable management of renewable energy. The jobs for graduates of this degree are in various fields like in biochemistry and electrical energy production, etc. In Pakistan, e few institutes are offering the degree. Mostly, master’s programs are offered. So, a bachelor’s degree that is closely related to it can get you admission to the graduate degree. 

Artificial Intelligence

The industries are moving towards automation, more and more experts in artificial intelligence are going to be needed with high salary prospects. Even today, the experts in the field are being paid high salaries internationally. Also, the graduates have a good future in the world’s top economies and top industrial countries. Many universities in Pakistan are now offering this course at the undergraduate and some at the graduate level.   


The study of a disease, its causes, and the possible preventions; the world needs scientists who can research to save people from deadly diseases. Particularly after COVID’19, there is a dire need for such researchers. They have jobs in hospitals, research centers, pharmaceutical companies, education institutes, and health institutes. Mostly, master’s level programs are offered in the field.  

Now you have all the knowledge to choose best degrees for the future.

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