10 Famous Art Galleries in Pakistan for Students


Pakistan has a rich art, and cultural heritage, which is significantly influential. Our country never failed to showcase the masterpieces produced by some of the finest artists in Pakistan. There are Famous Art Galleries in Pakistan, and art students should know about the significance of these art galleries.

In this article, we decided to highlight some of Pakistan’s brilliantly famous art galleries that every student must know about.

Ejaz art Gallery

Ejaz art gallery is in Lahore, MM Alam Road, and it was established in 1998. More than 100 plus senior and young new artists belong to this gallery. Ejaz art gallery is beneficial for the young upcoming artists as it is an open platform where individuals can show their talented art.

Hamail art galleries

Hamail art gallery is situated in Lahore; it is one of the leading art galleries which was established in 2001. Hamail art gallery is also based in Dubai to facilitate international buyers. They mostly display the art of young new talented artists, turning them into renowned artists. They also host numerous art exhibitions from time to time.

Unicorn Gallery

Unicorn gallery is the leading art gallery in Pakistan which is situated in Lahore and was founded by art critic Seemah Niaz. Unicorn gallery has represented the works of some famous South Asian painters such as Shakir Ali, Krishen Khanna, Ustad Allahbux, Bashir Mirza and many more. Unicorn is famous for holding high-quality art exhibitions, art scholar talks, lectures, launches, seminars and documentary screenings.

Chawkandi art gallery

Chawkandi art gallery is one of the established art galleries in Pakistan which was built in 1985 to show the talent of young artists. It is in Karachi. The art gallery always encourages the younger artists by hosting art scholar talks and regular shows.

Pakistan national council of the arts

Pakistan national council of the arts also known as PNCA was established in 1973 and is in Islamabad. It has four main divisions that are visual arts, national puppet theatre, performing arts and pictorial exhibitions. The ministry of culture funds PNCA.

Epic art gallery

Epic art gallery is like the latest to Karachi’s growing art side, it was established in 2015. The epic gallery works closely with interior designers and decorators to help them find artwork. It displays the art collection of senior artists to the new talented group of artists.

Humayun art gallery

Humayun art gallery is in Bahawalpur, where students can learn different art forms like basic drawing, painting, sketching, and much more. Many art festivals are held at Humayun gallery to show the students’ talents. The art gallery provides full support training to the students through art housing, overseas touring, and commission work.

Multan art council

Multan art council is situated in Multan and was established in 1975. The building is divided into 4 parts that is a huge garden, a hall, a stage for theatre performances, and an art gallery. The art council often holds various theatre performances, painting exhibitions, fashion shows, puppet shows, and sculpture art.

Gallery 6

Gallery 6 is in Islamabad and was established in 2008. Gallery 6 has the world’s most extensive collection of Pakistani art, including paintings and drawings by famous artists. The gallery has held numerous exhibitions locally and internationally.

Taseer Art Gallery

Taseer art gallery is in Lahore. It is one of the most active art galleries in Lahore, regularly showcasing the talents of younger artists and upcoming talents. The art gallery serves innovative artists and is a beautiful space. This is one of the best galleries in Lahore.

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