COMSATS is an internationally recognized institute for science and technology and is ranked among the top universities of Pakistan. Students of this university get to be a part of an extraordinary educational environment and work at prestigious companies after graduating. However, there is a lot more to know about this institute. Here are a few fun facts about COMSATS Lahore.

Be ready to be a part of the all-boys university 

Have you ever heard of an all-boys university? I mean girls universities sound good but what is an all-boys place like? Well, there isn’t any such place except that COMSATS Lahore has such a small strength of girls that it looks like an all-boys place. Except for the architecture department, there are one or two girls among hundreds of boys. So, if you are thinking of studying in co-education and have enrolled at COMSATS, it is time to change your dreams.   

Free time means boys’ sports on the grounds

Universities have a different kind of environment when students are on a study break or when the exams are over. They enjoy through different ways and you find many groups involved in their own different activities. Well in COMSATS, the environment is different. Here free time means boys doing sports on the ground and that’s it. 

If you are a girl, be ready to get attention from hundreds of dudes

If you are a girl in COMSATS, be ready to feel like a queen. You are definitely going to get a lot of attention as if you were a rare species. In COMSATS, you are. You will see boys wanting to be friends with you and get utmost importance in your class groups.  

The only fun activity is the student week which is not actually a week

In COMSATS Lahore, there are not a lot of fun activities that usually happen in private universities. The only activity that is for students’ fun is the student week. And guess what? It is just three days of fun, not a week actually. And what can you do in these three days? Yes, you can think about how to make this university a truly fun place.   

It is a loveless and dry land

 Students are not very happy with this situation. I mean it is famous for many universities that you find the love of your life there. But in the case of COMSATS, it is the opposite. With a little interaction between boys and a few girls, you very rarely see couples. And if there is a couple out there, tell them they are very lucky.

Boys have close friendships with boys 

Yes, boys are very close to each other. This is what students say about this campus. Boys have to find their fun with each other so they end up becoming amazing friends which others ‘might doubt.’ However, they enjoy their company and by the end of the degree, they are real soul-mate buddies. 

If you are a pampered child; COMSATS might be tough on you

We know you thought COMSATS Lahore will be an elite place like other private universities. Well, that’s not true. It is full of desi students and their desi activities. This thing makes this place fun. But if you are a pampered child of your parents, this place might not be very gentle for you.  

Females might get favoured by teachers too because they are a minority   

Females are another species in COMSATS. Being in minority, they are favored in many ways. Even they get support from their teachers both morally and in terms of marks. So, being a girl makes you lucky at this place (not if you are uncomfortable among boys). 

Only around 40 percent of students are lucky enough to complete the degree on time

If you think you will get your degree after four years and will start a new journey, you might be wrong. There are many dropouts every year. In fact, only 30 to 40 percent of students are able to complete all the courses successfully in eight semesters. 

Student week is more about finding love

Student week which is meant for fun is spent in the struggle to find the love of life. It is the only time when students (girls and boys) interact with each other in real terms. So, some reserve it for sports and others to find love.

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