What do you think about life at FCCU? It is a great place with advanced educational opportunities. Not just that, it provides a lot of platforms for personal growth and development. There is a lot about this institute that students usually don’t expect. After talking to some students at Forman Christian College University, here are fun facts about Forman Christian College University.    

You can see Psychology students doing strange activities for fun like tying a banana with a shoelace 

The psychology department takes care of students’ anxieties and stress in daily life. So, they are involved in some activities that are weird but make them relaxed at the end. You will see them tying a banana with the shoelace and walking through the whole university and carrying their chairs around the campus, etc. 

Labs are a hard game. You get to fight for them

Labs can accommodate a few students at a time. Particularly, during COVID days, not more than four to five students are allowed to use the lab. So, you have to fight to be one of the first five students who get to complete their tasks at the lab.

You can use the staff room and find teachers gossiping with colleagues

The fun thing about the teachers’ staff room is that it is as much of students as of teachers. There is a microwave in the staff room that students are allowed to use whenever they want. Moreover, if you want to pray, you can use it for that matter. When you go to the staff room, it is really fun to see teachers, who are so strict in the classroom, gossiping with their colleagues. 

You have to beg the management to remove the hold from your account at the end of the degree

The fee submitting process and getting your student account clear at the end of the degree is a real mess. It is not the game of a day or two, you have to go to the management like a million times and beg them to get the hold on your account removed which is there for different reasons. Most of the time, the fee doesn’t get processed correctly and so your account is on hold. If you are stuck in such a situation, know that this is the time to test your patience. 

Other institutes won’t believe it is a cafeteria but the FC students hate it

Someone rightly said, ‘the grass is greener on the other side.’ The cafeteria at FC is a huge place with every type of food available for students. When you show your pictures at the café to other people, they won’t believe it is a café that you are sitting in. But the students at FC are not satisfied because they need something bigger and more splendid.  

You have to run from one building to the other in a matter of five minutes to take the class

When you have to take another class, sometimes you need to move to another building. You can enjoy it if it is not only five minutes that you get. Run to the other block in five minutes else your attendance will not be marked. You literally are marked absent if you are even one minute late. 

The assignments go wasted if you are a minute late

There is this policy that the portal closes if you are later than the deadline. Sometimes when you have a class at the other block where you have to submit an assignment too, you have to reach in time no matter what. Your days-long struggle can go wasted with a seconds-delay.

A huge central ground is a relaxing point for the whole university

If you are stressed out, go to the only huge ground the campus has. Everyone would go there to relax and have fun. You will mostly hear people singing or playing instruments at the same place.

You don’t get to chill if you are a masters student

If you are in masters, FC is not a chilling place for you. There are a lot of opportunities for students to have fun and the undergraduate students get to have that all. Masters is usually so extensive at FC that you don’t get enough time to have even a little bit of fun. 

There is a strict no smoking policy just like you had in school

People usually think of FC as a liberal university where there are no restrictions. Welcome to your school then. Where it provides a very productive environment to the students, FC has discipline rules just like you had in school. So, you cannot get caught smoking on campus.

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