10 habits of successful CSS and PMS officers


The Central Superior Services (CSS) and Provincial Management Service (PMS) are not easy deals. One has to work really hard to get to the positions that many desire. As a student, many people have CSS as their future goal. As the time comes nearer, the number of aspirants reduces. The reason is not everyone can study for one of the toughest competitions in the country. Well, there is nothing to be discouraged of. The people who have achieved were just those who were not afraid of sacrificing their fun and comfort for these exams. Talking to the successful PMS and CSS officers, we have come up with the following habits that they say they have followed to achieve it. 

10 habits of successful CSS and PMS officers


Studying for a day or two by getting inspiration from a motivational speech is easy. Maintaining that studying habit and making it permanent is what takes real effort. A maximum of the people fails to do so. However, the extensive PMS and CSS syllabus of these exams requires you to be really consistent in studying.


People who have passed the exam have to say that reading was always their habit. You do not necessarily have to be an extensive reader and finish all the books. You can simply be a curious reader who likes to study different ideas. Particularly, newspaper reading sounds to be a habit of most of the people who have passed these exams. 

Writing practice 

There are countless applicants who pass every exam but fail their essays. The reason is mostly their writing skills. It is not a task of a day or two to learn writing. Instead, it needs to be your skill as you always knew it. So, you need to practice writing a lot. Starting it from your student life will be amazing. However, if you have passed that phase, stick to it and improve it until you find a difference.


Following a healthy routine that keeps your mind active is important. All of the successful officers had to say they had a productive routine where they were studying, eating, and learning new things. This keeps you active and helps fight stress. Moreover, you have to follow it daily in order to work effectively. 

Separate play-study time

You have your friends, family, and different activities as a part of your life. To sacrifice them for your studies is very important. Otherwise, you will not be able to fit in with the routine that you have made for your studies. So, make sure there are no other responsibilities during the hours you are studying. 

Focus is the key

Preparing for CSS requires a lot of patience for a long period. It is not a few months’ journey. If you are serious about it, you have to make each day of yours focused on this one aim. Distractions like preparing for other exams, and trying luck at other places (if they take a significant time) can take you away from the purpose. The people who try for other exams meanwhile usually, delay their attempts to the next years. 


During your preparation, you will face a lot of stress and anxiety. Sometimes it becomes so unbearable that you would feel like quitting. Know that it is part of the process. And following habits like walking daily can help reduce this anxiety. The officers said they used to take a walk to open their minds and nerves and stay happy. 

Motivation and discipline

Motivation comes to form a strong purpose. CSS is enough reason to keep yourself motivated. However, this motivation seems to diminish sometimes but you have to keep it alive. It makes you stick to the habits. Moreover, to help not break the discipline, you need to be involved in activities that do not let your will die.  

Staying up-to-date on current affairs

Watch the news on the TV or your mobile phone on a daily basis. It is a great way of staying up to date with current affairs. Also, as it does not take a lot time to read long articles, it is a smart way too. Make it a habit and listen to the news while walking or doing any activity. 


Since you have to keep your family and friends from affecting your routine, this does not mean you have to become anti-social. Taking care of your mental health is necessary to perform well in your exams. So, socialize with your friends as it would help you get relaxed. 

These are the habits that the CSS and PMS officers we talked to follow. However, every person is unique, so things may work differently for you. Experiment with yourself and find the most effective ways of studying and staying in a routine. Good luck with your endeavors.

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