10 Highest Paying Social Science Jobs


In Pakistan, there is a culture where every student of social sciences is either preparing for CSS or other government jobs. Well, the world has moved beyond it and many prestigious departments hire experts of social sciences at highly paid designations. Here are a few of the highest paying social science jobs.  

NGO sector

The experts of social sciences are needed in different non-governmental organizations for different purposes. There are multiple positions for them. Different NGOs have different designations for experts of different social sciences fields. There are many NGOs working locally on a large scale. However, there are fair opportunities for these experts at international organizations too. They are great paymasters and offer promising careers.  


In today’s world dynamics, economists carry a very important role. There are a plethora of opportunities for them to work with different state departments both nationally and internationally. Many institutes hire economists at really good salaries. Not only that these are highly paid jobs but also very prestigious. So, if you have studied economics, you can have a great career within and outside of your country.  

Industrial and organizational psychologists 

Psychology is a very diverse field. With a continuously raising awareness on the subject, they are being hired at multiple institutes. Industrial and organizational psychologists have a diverse job of taking care of employees’ productivity, health, and the optimum environment that they can work in. This is a very highly paid job and almost every big company offers. If you are interested in broad exposure, try your luck at some multinational company. 

Data analysts

Different information technology companies hire data analysts from different areas of social sciences. Facebook that is now under Meta, Google, Twitter, all such companies that are working on a smaller level hire data analysts. These are the experts from different social sciences groups that analyze people’s social behaviors. Mostly, they are psychologists and sociologists that are designated to such positions with promising salaries and careers. However, such jobs are competitive and need high expertise.   


If you are a psychologist, there are a plethora of opportunities for you. Psychotherapy is the best option if you are a clinical expert or are interested in the practice. This is a prestigious job and requires expertise, knowledge, intellectual strength, and high qualifications are required to serve this job. Psychotherapists are also hired at high salaries. However, in Pakistan, the culture of hiring them is not very in. But internationally, there is a great scope for them.

Regional Planning 

Community enhancement is the need of every society and country. Practiced experts and planners are required to introduce strategies that are the best possible way of expanding societies that is in the best interest of people and the state. If you have studied anything related to land usage, environmental resources planning, or economical and social development, you are a good fit for any such job.


If you are interested in scientific research and the history of humankind, working as an anthropologist is the best opportunity for you. Different organizations such as research institutes, archives, and museums, etc. offer jobs for them. They are good-paying jobs that also ensure a successful career in science and research. 


The academic institutes are the major places that offer multiple jobs related to academia to social scientists. This is also a good opportunity for the people who want to stay associated with academia and research. You can be a lecturer, professor, researcher, or laboratory expert at any prestigious institute. These are also secure and good-paying positions for social science students.   

Social Scientists

It is not like old times when social scientists used to do their research for their own edification. Nowadays you are paid to be a social scientist. Different prestigious institutes hire social scientists and significant positions. A promising future and a huge salary package are what they offer. So, if you are interested in the practice of social sciences, this is a great opportunity for you.    

Human Resource

Human resource managers are hired at almost every company. Though there are graduates of human resources studies, you can get this job even if you belong to some other fields of social sciences, are good at understanding job duties, and have that personality. These are also highly paid jobs that depend upon how big the company is. So, try different companies if you think you are a good fit for this job. 

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