10 incredible benefits of theatre for school students

10 incredible benefits of theatre for school students

benefits of theatre for school students

School is not just a place to study through books. It is an institute that plays the most important part in a child’s development and growth. The schools that take care of different aspects of a child’s personality instead of relying on books are the real institutes working for a child’s growth. Extracurricular activities play a huge role in building characters and grooming individuals. Here are a few incredible benefits that theatre offers to students. The article marks the importance of benefits of theatre for school students.

  • Creativity 

Thinking of new stories, creating new situations, and presenting them before the audience in the most effective way enhances the creativity in them.  

  • Imagination power 

Theatre is about imagining. Students have to use all of their thinking capabilities to bring life to the scene written merely on paper. Not just that, using all of their language skills to write down the script also makes them use all of their imagination. It increases their power to imagine beyond boundaries.

  • Social skills

Working with a team, taking in new people for the theatre, involving them in the play, and building relationships with them are the things that offer a lot of learning opportunities. They learn to socialize with different people using their abilities. 

  • Communication skills 

Not just talking to the team members and conveying instructions enhance communication skills. But also, when they have to perform and present before the audience, they learn a different type of communication that also enhances their confidence. 

  • Self-esteem

Performing in front of the audience, receiving appreciation, and fulfilling different challenges enhance the self-esteem of students. It not only makes them more confident about their theatre performing skills but also helps in the other areas of their lives. Their self-esteem is enhanced and they are clearer about their goals in life and believe that they can achieve them. Moreover, studies have shown that self-esteem is directly and positively correlated to success in life. So, this is an invaluable opportunity for them. 

  • Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand a situation, perceive others’ emotions, and react in the best way while composing oneself. It is also about understanding and reacting with the appropriate emotions. This type of intelligence is more important in academic performance and overall life growth than the typical IQ as proved by studies. A student develops this intelligence through activities like theatre. 

  • Teamwork and cooperation 

Teamwork is one of the most important skills in life. A person who does not have the capabilities to work in a team is most often isolated and does not fit in groups. Thus, they miss many opportunities. Theatre is one of the best activities that teach teamwork and cooperation with others. 

  • Problem-solving skills

Problem-solving is the main trait of intelligent people. Working in groups, tackling new challenges every day, bringing solutions to them, and devising the best possible plans for different tasks is what theatre teaches to students. The problem-solving skills that they learn from this activity are implemented in all the areas of their lives.  

  • Extraordinary learning 

Learning beyond the boundaries of a book is what the advanced educational sectors believe in nowadays. Theatre is an activity that provides extraordinary learning opportunities to students. Through implementing the knowledge and bringing the best use of their skills what theatre allows students to do.

  • Conceptual understanding 

Mere reading is not enough to learn the countless aspects of a play or a story. Whereas, performing that story or the play allows them to learn all those aspects of learning conceptually. Long story short, this is one of the best learning opportunities that a school can ever offer to students.

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