10 questions that will must be asked in the interview for international admissions


Admissions at international universities have various stages. From clearing an English language test to preparing the application, its documents, and then interview, you have to be careful at every step. Interview at university is one of the trickiest stages. Because, unlike the application, you do not prepare all the questions and requirements in advance. You can be asked some tricky questions that you have to answer in your best interest. Talking to some students studying at international universities both for their masters and bachelors, we have come up with a brief list of questions that are asked almost in every interview. Moreover, they are almost all the questions that will be asked from you, a little more or less. 

Why do you want to study in this country?

You have to positively explain the reasons why this country is a better place for you to learn and grow. Make sure you stay just to educational opportunities until asked about the professional opportunities.

What are the benefits of studying here as compared to your home country?

Draw a comparison of the education opportunities of your country and the country that are you supposed to go to. Be positive in your arguments. To prove the destination country better, you do not have to mention the negatives of your country. Tell them that this is just not the best place to study the courses that are a part of your major. 

Why did you choose this specific university?

Before appearing in the interview, you will have to do complete research on the university and its facilities. Check its ranking and make points to support your ideas in its favor. 

Which other options did you consider for studying?

It is alright to tell that you considered other options too. Then, make a comparison of other universities and this university. You can talk about education facilities, ranking, awards, and strength of international students, etc. Make a list prior to the interview.

What information do you have about this university?

Abroad, students do not choose universities without knowing anything about it like here in Pakistan. They have to choose from a huge list of institutes and collect all the information about the shortlisted institutes. You are expected to do the same. Collect all the information about the university, its departments, its area, opportunities, environment, faculty, awards, etc.  

Why did you choose to study this course and how is it related to your previous education?

The most important thing is to know about your course completely. You have to know why are you are interested in this course and how is it supposed to help you in your future. Moreover, draw a reasonable relation between your course and the previous education to support this answer.

What are the course modules of your subject?

You will find the course modules on the website of the particular department under the section of this specific program. Look at all the major modules because you are very likely to be asked about them. Memorize all of them in the case of masters and the major ones in the case of bachelors.

Questions about specific modules

Unlike the universities of Pakistan, international institutes expect you to have reasonable knowledge about the modules and what are you going to study in them. So, look at their definitions, what will you study in specific modules, and what kind of assessments will be there.  

What qualification you are supposed to receive and how will it help in your career path?

Search for the international qualification level for different degrees. And then make a plan as if you know all that you are going to do in your future. You have to make a relation between your courses and your career interests. This will show how serious you are about a study program.

Did you choose to study any other courses? Why did you prefer this?

Just like choosing different universities, you can tell them that you selected more than one course and why this was your top priority. You can use your educational interest, relation to your previous studies, and the career interest attached to this course to tell why did you prefer this course. 

These are almost all the questions that are asked in an interview for international admissions. Some other questions can be about your gap years, your accommodation in the city, your commute, etc. However, these questions are only for the students who are going to study at self-support, not for those who have received scholarships. 

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