The decision to pursue higher education is one of the most important steps young individuals can take towards laying solid foundations of a successful professional career. The decision should be an extremely measured one, not only because your future and the success of it depends on it, but also because it takes a heavy financial toll on your fortunes or that of your family’s.

Higher education is much more than turning up for class and attending mundane, monotone lectures that do nothing to improve your knowledge. It is a swansong of your academic journey and should be a final educational act that refines you from an eager pupil into a well-rounded professional. For that, you need to opt for a university that not develops your academic acumen, but also hones your interpersonal and intra-personal skills so that you stand head and shoulders above your peers in the world of work. To make this extremely important decision easier for you, we give you 10 reasons why every dream chaser should opt for UMT as their choice for achieving higher education dreams.

Premier General University

In the last 10 years, the University of Management and Technology has grown in leaps and bounds to emerge as one of the top seats of higher education not only in Lahore and Punjab, but also in Pakistan as a whole. From its humble beginnings as a training institute from a rented premises in Lahore, the city of colleges, UMT has grown into a fully functional university that has turned educational dreams of thousands of Pakistanis into reality. From its purpose built campus in the heart of Lahore, UMT today offers students a choice to choose from over of 125 degree programs, each offering education per internationally established benchmarks. From engineering, to finance and from social sciences to life sciences, the university offers quality education in every degree program you opt for. This makes UMT an ideal place for students of varied interest and aspirations.

First-Rate Faculty

Being the brainchild of noted academician Dr Hasan Sohaib Murad, the university has always laid great emphasis on building a team of faculty members that leaves little to be desired in the cause of knowledge dissemination. UMT boats of over 700 permanent and visiting faculty members, each having an impressive resume, whether you consider their alma maters, their contributions with research or their prowess with transferring knowledge to young minds. Among these, more than 165 faculty members hold PhD degrees from top universities in Pakistan and the world, validating UMT’s stance that it puts the future of the country’s coming generations in the care of only the most deserving of academic hands.

Curricular Strength

Apart from having one of the best faculties among the universities in Pakistan, UMT also takes great pains in keeping on top of the academic game on the strength of its curriculum. The curricula for all degree programs is continually updated to keep the courses in tune with the best practices being followed at top universities across the globe, so that Pakistani students keep abreast of the latest developments taking place in the global academic world.

All Round Transformation

When you join UMT, you not only agree to become part of an effort that leads you to quality education, but also sign up for seeing positive change in your overall personality. The founder of UMT, Dr Hasan Sohaib Murad, envisioned the institute to be much more than one that gives out academic lessons. Rather, the institute was founded on the very principles of offering academic as well as personality training to anyone who walked through its gate. That spirit of offering more than bookish lessons lives on in UMT, with the students exposed to a number of activities both inside and outside the classroom that help them become not only better learners, but also better human beings. Things like discipline, decorum, respect for women and impartiality in rules and procedures help reinforce positivity in the pupils’ minds and help them become great professionals, as well as great human beings.


Besides being one of the best higher education institutions operating in the public and private sectors, UMT also happens to be one of the most generous when it comes to offering financial assistance to students facing difficulties of such sort. Over the years, UMT has granted scholarships worth more than Rs 3 billion to students to help them continue their dream of obtaining quality higher education. Besides merit and need-based scholarships, UMT also helps students out with voluntary loans, or Qarz-e-Hasna, so that they or their families feel little or no pressure while they continue with the noble pursuit of education. The processes for application have been laid out straight, the applications are vetted via stringent procedures and the awards are handed out in a completely transparent manner so that financial setbacks do not hold students back from grabbing the opportunity of having a quality higher education degree under their belts.

Extra And Co-Curricular

With its immense focus on academic activities, UMT is also a great place for young minds who want to explore various facets of their personalities. Whether you are inclined towards social work, are a sports fanatic or have a profound interest in literary activities, when you opt for UMT, you will find plenty of activities to dig your hands into outside of the class. The university has more than 60 student clubs and societies that let students engage in various undertakings that offer key life and learning lessons. Debates, arts, photography, entrepreneurship, robotics, gaming, sports, theater; you name an interest and the university offers a platform that serves your needs. The sheer number of extra-curricular activities students can engage in really makes the UMT campus a happening place, all year round.

Location, Location, Location!

Just like it is paramount for the real estate industry, location should be a key determinant when you plan on joining a university for the next four or six years. Travelling long distances each day just in order to get to your university while managing assignments, quizzes, reading assignments along with routine duties is likely to take a toll on your performance at a university through the years and should be a factor that should be accounted for while choosing a university. Sadly, many miss this point altogether when selecting a university and only realize what an ordeal lengthy daily commute entails once they are far too deep to do something about it.

Luckily in UMT, you have a university in the heart of the city that happens to be approachable through various thoroughfares snaking around Lahore. Also, many public transport routes bring you within a distance that is literally a stone’s throw away from UMT, having the potential to save you thousands in travelling costs over the course of your degree. So think about that while you shortlist your choices.


Unfortunately, you can never be too safe in the times we live in and the premises you spend a good portion of your days as a student engaged in academic pursuits should be nothing but the safest of places. When you opt for UMT, both students and their parents can be assured that no compromises have been made in that respect. Entry of all and sundry inside the university premises is allowed through a multilayered verification process and the entire campus is monitored through a state-of-the-art CCTV monitoring system that ensures that no untoward incident has a chance of occurring at the university.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

A trait UMT takes great pride in promoting among its students is the spirit of innovation, inventiveness and entrepreneurship. UMT is focused on making its students look beyond the immediate horizons and strive to become more than what is deemed possible. At UMT, you will be cultured into becoming a go-getter, a dream catcher and a spirit to whom impossible stands for nothing. UMT hones your instincts in a way that makes you want to become a job creator, rather than a job seeker. And that is something they don’t teach you in every other university.

A Global Network

UMT has a vast network of more than 19,000 alumni working in renowned organizations all over the world. This makes UMT a great place for becoming part of a fraternity that has widespread reach and influence at home and abroad. Being part of that growing network means that you have more than 19,000 chances of being spotted by a past graduate in a key position when you look for a job, more than 19,000 chances of utilizing UMT as your passport to success and more than 19,000 chances of getting ahead.

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