How do you build self belief and confidence?


How can I build my confidence and self-esteem?

Whether it is your exam, some interview, a gathering with friends, a meeting with colleagues, or a presentation, the thing that we need the most is self-belief. Having confidence in ourselves can help us get through any harsh circumstances with success. It helps us to stay firm and steady in every situation. Not just that, self-belief makes us stay consistent with our studying habits and the struggle that we are doing to achieve our goals. 

Self-talk can help us remind ourselves of self-worth and regain motivation and self-belief. Here are a few statements that you can say to yourself to enhance self-belief.   

It is a big life and such small things are a part of it

When you have a huge challenge ahead and the motivation for the day is dead. Don’t be afraid, gather yourself, look into the mirror and convince yourself that this is a huge life and such challenges are just a part of it. There is no need of worrying because they will enhance your capability of dealing with difficult situations. 

Imperfections make us human beings so there is no problem with them

We are human beings and so we make mistakes. There is no point in doubting your capabilities after making a mistake or failing in something. Tell yourself you are still capable of working for even bigger goals. 

It’s ok to take some time and delay a task

Taking some time and delaying a task is not always bad. You can take a break when you need time for yourself. So, if you are doing a task later than expected, tell yourself it is alright to take time.  

Self-love is the most important and I don’t need to be too hard on myself

Self-love is the first thing we should learn growing up. Sometimes, we push ourselves too hard that it becomes difficult to stay in the situation. Show yourself some love and don’t test your boundaries once you realize you need to get out of it. 

Saying no doesn’t make me a bad character

You can say no even to your closest friends. Disagreeing is healthy and not being able to tell the other person that you disagree is a toxic trait of a relationship. Disagreeing over a point or refusing to do a task does not make you a bad character. You are still kind and nice.   

I have passed through hard times so I can do this too 

Telling yourself you can do it is very important. If you are stuck in a difficult situation, having a hard time, or have a big task to do, tell yourself that you can do it. Remind yourself of the tough times that you have passed through and use them as a reference to convince yourself that you have that strength.  

It is ok for some things to not be in my control 

You cannot be in charge of everything. If you think something is not in your control, let it go. Tell yourself that you alone cannot control everything and if something seems to be out of your control, you still remain a capable person. 

Whatever happens, I will learn and grow 

In every situation of your life, your motive should be growth and learning. Never think you have to win everything. The real winner is the one who learns through experiences. When you work with that motive, you always stay positive and confident. 

This is not the last opportunity; I will keep trying

Nothing is like the last opportunity for you. Try to show your best in every test but never take it as a do-or-die situation. You will get more opportunities and you will keep trying until you succeed.   

I will make a distance from the people I don’t feel comfortable with  

Walking away from people you don’t feel good with is alright, telling your friend you don’t feel like connecting anymore is healthy, and making a distance from the people who are toxic for you is your right. Never force yourself to be a part of such situations because your peace should be your priority. 

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