Exam season is horrifying for students. There might be some exceptions who like this period but for most of the students, it is full of anxiety, stress, and fear. Some do not have exam skills, some have no idea of certain topics till the last moment, and some have lost their lectures. These and many other problems make this time so terrifying. However, these are not really big issues. Taking responsibility before time and managing things accordingly can make this time very easy and smooth for you. Here are 10 study tips for final exams. 

Collecting your notes

When you start your preparation in the last week, you often miss some notes. Moreover, as more and more students are buying them, there might be a shortage. So, make sure you have all of your notes, way before the last week of your exams. 

Looking at the outline

Checking out the outline is equally important. You might have missed some topics during the semester and you should not be getting about them in the last few days. So, check out the outline completely and list down the topics that you do not know about much.  

Collecting lectures

You make notes of the lectures throughout the semester, but at the end, when you need them, they are never in one place. Save the effort that you will be doing before exam day and collect all those lectures beforehand. Arrange them according to the sequence so that they are just ready to be read before exams.  

Going through different topics

Just like you check your course outline, go through different topics at least a month before exams. You can give one day to one subject’s notes just to give an overview. It will help you identify the topics that you are having difficulty in understanding. Also, it will make you mentally prepared for your tests. 

Making proper sleeping habits

One of the most important things is to set your sleeping habits well before the last days of your papers. You don’t want to waste hours struggling to sleep on the paper night and then waking up sleepless. This can affect your performance in the exam. Thus, regulate your sleep-wake cycle and bring it into a healthy routine. 

Making healthy eating habits

Just like proper sleep, you need to have a good diet to be productive during exams. These habits are not formed in a day. You should start having nutrition-rich breakfasts and proper meals at other times to have a healthy mind. Also, keep your sugar level maintained before and during exams.

Making a schedule for studies according to the difficulty level

When you have gone through all the course outlines and lectures, you know what subjects you are good at and what you are not. In order not to waste time on an easy subject that you could utilize to make up deficiencies in some other subjects, make a schedule according to the difficulty level. This will help you stay well-structured about your preparation and cover the course on time. 

Talking to seniors 

Your seniors are the ones you should look at for help before your exams. They often have some important information to give you and you can do very less with it if you get it in the last. They will tell you the pattern of a specific teacher’s papers, their marking criteria, and maybe their favorite topics. You can get a better direction for your preparation by talking to them.

Sitting with friends to prepare difficult topics

Last-minute group study might be helpful but not more than the study circle conducted to cover only a few particular topics before exams. Sit with your friends to study and learn topics that you are weak at. Teach them and ask them to teach you. This is one of the most effective ways to understand a concept.  

Taking care of your mental health

There is already a lot of stress in your mind due to exams. Try to be a part of places where you can stay happy and peaceful. Only a healthy mind can be a productive one. So, avoid spending time with people who consume you and drain your energy. Do not take things to heart and keep your focus directed towards exams. 

These might be very general things but most of the students do not do them before exams. Last-minute hustle can only bring confusion and anxiety. A little discipline and management before time can save you that effort and help you score high in exams.

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