10 things to consider before planning a major in Mass Communication

10 things to consider before planning a major in Mass Communication

10 things to consider before planning a major in Mass Communication

Mass communication is the degree that many students select just to have fun, in Pakistan. Well, you might have some fun in the beginning. But it might prove to be one of the toughest career choices in the end. Here is what you should consider before choosing a major in Mass Communication

Do you have good communication skills? 

As it is obvious, a mass communication degree is of no use if you do not have good communication skills. If you think this department will enhance these skills in you, that’s not entirely true. I mean it may enhance or improve your communication but that is not what you require in practical life. You should have good communication skills and a passion to pursue them. 

Do you like public speaking?

Sometimes people select this degree and when they realize public speaking is one of the most important parts of it, they do not know what to do. Well, let us get it clear here. You can have to do the projects that involve public speaking or this might be a part of your job. If you are not interested in it, choose some other degree. 

Are you interested in creative tasks?

Mass communication is entirely a creative degree. You have to work on new projects, come up with different ideas, present unique stories, and many similar things. If you are not creative enough, you might get a degree but that will not make you a successful media professional.  

Do you like to write and produce content?

Just like being creative, it is necessary to be able to write and produce content. Not just that, you should be interested in tasks like this. It is not a degree that teaches you some skills and then you can pursue a career. You should have the ability to produce content, a passion for creative tasks, and a strong interest in learning and pursuing it. Only then you can be able to make a fortune through it.

You have to make a name on your own

If you are planning to get a degree in mass communication, know that the real struggle starts after you get a degree. You have to start from scratch to make yourself a name as it does not come easily.

It is not the coolest department of the university 

Some students select this degree because they think it would be the coolest department in the university. First of all, it is not true. Having fun in a department depends upon the specific batch, your friends, and their interests. Secondly, you are not getting a degree for fun. So, never choose this degree by considering this reason. 

You might end up realizing this cannot make your future

Many students who choose mass communication without considering above mentioned things regret it in the end. Firstly because this degree does not make you a media person through the four years study plan and second, you should already have particular traits to be a media person that this degree cannot help with. 

There are not very good jobs at channels 

The situation at channels is not very good. The new graduates nowadays are working on their own, producing new and different content, making channels on YouTubes, and doing other things like this to make a name in the industry. Channels are often disappointing in terms of salaries and fair growth opportunities. If you think you can adjust to that environment, you must be right about yourself. Just consider this fact before choosing it as your major. 

Look at the jobs that can be available for you after that

Before planning a major in Mass Communication, you should look at the possible job prospects for you in the future. Here are some of them. You might get to be an anchor, a writer, a reporter, a cameraman, public relations officer, or you can pursue your career in academia. If you think you are good in any of these, go for it.  

The projects are going to require your skillset

Although the degree is highly practical and you learn a maximum of the things in the field, the projects and assignments are not always very easy. Keep in mind that you have to use all your skills to perform well in projects of the department. 

Long story short, mass com is the degree that is not very tough and challenging when you are studying. But, it might be the most challenging career choice once you are in the field. So, analyze yourself and see if you have the temperament of going through it before selecting it as your major. Best wishes!

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