What do you know about UVAS? A university where students get degrees in veterinary medicine, right? Well, UVAS is the only institute of its kind in Pakistan and there is much more to know about it. Here are some fun facts about UVAS.  

You will find dogs walking in the corridors every day

If you are at UVAS, make it a habit of seeing dogs with operated legs in the corridors. Basically, they are used for experiments by the DVM students so you will find them outside of your classes every day. In the beginning, it looks strange but they become your university fellows with time.  

The café workers and guards will call you ‘doctor sahb’ no matter what department you belong to

All that people know about UVAS is that it is a university for DVM students. So, the guards and café workers will call you ‘doctor sahb’ no matter what department you belong to. You will tell them a hundred times that you are not going to be a doctor but what do they care about.   

People will doubt you are from UVAS if you are not a DVM student 

Just as the university staff thinks that all the students are going to be doctors, people outside doubt you are from UVAS if you are studying anything except for DVM. If you are planning to do a degree there, get ready to justify your identity to everyone. 

The dhaba gets banned every six months due to the clash of two degrees

Two degrees DND (Doctor of Nutrition and Dietetics) and DVM are quite in a clash in UVAS. The DND students keep finding faults with the hygiene of the food served at the open dhaba due to the presence of animals and all their waste but DVM students need them for their studies. So, the dhaba gets banned every six months in UVAS. 

IBBT department is the most deprived; they don’t have washrooms

Departments other than DVM are not only discriminated against by general people but also devoid of some basic facilities. For instance, the IBBT department does not have washrooms. The students have to run to other departments for the service. 

You will meet everyone every day in the single central ground of UVAS

There is one central ground in UVAS and you cannot run away from anyone there. You will meet almost every person at the university every day. If you are a couple who has broken up, get ready to feel weird every day or patch up because you are going to encounter the other person a lot.   

When you enter UVAS, you are welcomed by cows

Right at the beginning of UVAS, there is an open surgery lab for cows. So, you are welcomed by them the moment you enter the campus. The animals there are more ethical when it comes to greeting people. 

The horses of UVAS are lazier than the students

Have you ever seen horses who are lazy and lethargic? Well, it is famous for cows but UVAS has horses that are even lazier than the students. If you don’t want to keep yawning and staying lazy the whole day, stay away from the horses. 

If you are a couple, the whole university will know it within a day 

There is nothing like a secret in UVAS. The whole university knows everything about everyone. If you do not want to let people know about your relationship, better love someone who is not from the university.  

Mostly you get a crush on the boys who bring their pets for a check-up 

In UVAS, you will get a crush on the boys who bring their pets for a check-up more often. They are famous for being cute and if they are not, you might end up having a crush on their dogs. God! Their dogs are even cuter. 

If you are shifting to the Pattoki campus, it is like moving to a village with no facilities

If you are a DVM student, you will get shifted to the Pattoki campus after three years. And if you are unlucky, your department will be at that campus. Get ready to move to a remote area where there are not even basic facilities of life like transport, food, and proper internet connection. 

Interdepartmental friendships are more common than classroom friendships in UVAS

In UVAS, you are more likely to become friends with the students of other departments than that of your own class. It is because the whole campus is so integrated because of the presence of a single ground that you interact with other people more than the ones from your own department. 

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