Kinnaird College for Women University is a beautiful place with quality education and world-class faculty. Life on the campus is more fun and interesting than it looks. Talking to a few brilliant students, here are some interesting fun facts that we have come up with about Kinnaird.

  1. You will never find the right room in the right sequence in the new block, it is definitely very new

The sequence with which the rooms are numbered in the new block is very strange. In fact, there is no sequence. If you have number 34 on the ground floor, you will have number 28 on the first floor and number 31 on the second floor.

  1. The moody café staff will serve you only when they are in the right mood

You do not have a lot of items in the café. The staff will keep the stuff according to their choice and mood. You want the white sauce for your fries? You will get it if you are lucky and the staff member is in the right mood. Otherwise, eat your fries dry.

  1. The guy at the tuck shop will never have the change

Never make the mistake of going to the tuck shop without having a change. Whether you are the first customer or the last customer of the day, he will never have the change.

  1. The vans for 8 am classes will be coming at 8.30 am

Are you a lazy student? The van drivers of Kinnaird are even lazier. It is the only college where students are late not because they took extra minutes of sleep but because their van drivers did.

  1. The students are more attached to the ‘Big Tree’ than the campus itself

Everyone has a different kind of affiliation with the Big Tree. It is an ancient tree in the middle of the ground that is named after it. It gets decorated beautifully in the spring and you can share all your worries with it.

  1. Dr. David and her sarees are always the talk of the town in Kinnaird

What do you like the most about your VC or the principal? Well, there can be nothing more charming than Dr. David’s, Kinnaird’s principal, friendly personality and her fashionable sarees. Once, she was visiting the campus group sitting behind a student on a scooty. Tell me anything cooler than that.

  1. You are not a student of KC if you don’t have a picture before the green wall

You doubt someone is a student of Kinnaird? Ask them to show their picture before the green wall. The green wall, all covered with leaves, before Haladia Hall is where you cannot avoid taking a picture.

  1. The chairs in the café are never enough to accommodate students

Never think of going to the café and sitting comfortably there. There are always fewer chairs than actually needed in the café. So, you either adjust with someone on a chair or eat while standing.

  1. In the spring you will find Kinnaird giving a real women’s college vibe

Kinnaird in spring presents the most beautiful sight for the eyes. There are so many flowers and plants all across the campus, you could tell at first glance that this is a women’s college. Students doubt they might start keeping flower pots in the washrooms. Well, who knows!

  1. MPhil classes will be filled with students in Kinnaird unlike any other MPhil class

Usually, MPhil classes have very few students in most universities. But in Kinnaird’s English Literature department, you will find small box-like rooms filled with students and you doubt if it is an MPhil class.

  1. Farrukh Baba and Rizwan Sahb are more famous than even the principal of Kinnaird

Farrukh baba from the administration and Rizwan Sahb from the photocopy shop are the most famous personalities of Kinnaird. They are so important that you will find students calling their names vehemently when they are in trouble.

  1. The girls of KC are beautiful but all they want is to have at least one cute guy on the campus

It is famous that the girls of Kinnaird college are very beautiful. They sure are. But some cute guys could really do good on the campus, they think.

  1. The events of Kinnaird are incomplete without Kaleem Sahb, the photographer

At the events in Kinnaird, it is not the girls in beautiful dresses who are in the limelight. Instead, Kaleem Sahib, the photographer, is the main character. You will find everyone asking for him and requesting to take pictures.

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