Sindh government allocates Rs 10.75 billion to SEF in financial year 2021-22

Sindh government allocates Rs 10.75 billion to SEF in financial year 2021-22


The Sindh government intends to provide Rs 10.75 billion to the Sindh Education Foundation in the financial year 2021-22.

According to the budget speech,  the foundation holds a portfolio of around 475,000 students in 1800 schools & centers across the province. In the financial year 2020-21, as many as 100 schools have been upgraded to provide post-primary education to the most disadvantaged communities across Sindh.

It is estimated that more than 10,000 students especially girl students will benefit from this vertical expansion while 240,000 students will be added to its current portfolio at the start of new academic year by adding another 1200 schools under the Foundation Assisted Schools Program.


The foundation has visited around 1200 proposed sites as well as around 12000 government schools in the vicinity of the proposed schools’ sites across Sindh for gauging the educational requirements and feasibility in numerous communities across the province. This will bring down the number of Out-of-Schools Children (OOSC) in Sindh.

The foundation is supporting around 2500 meritorious students including more than 400 meritorious students who have been awarded Scholarships in 2021. With an estimated enrollment from 16,000 to 18,000 students, 28 English medium & comprehensive high schools would be functionalized by start of the new academic year 2021-22.

The foundation also collaborated with Microsoft Pakistan through which 15,000 teachers of the foundation are given free of cost access to Microsoft learning platforms for online teaching and learning activities for their respective classrooms along with accessing to numerous online resources.

The SEF has also performed physical ‘Classroom Observations’ across Sindh, specifically in the most vulnerable schools to help the school stakeholders improve their academic standing.


Future plans

 The foundation will be functionalizing from 500 to 800 viable government schools’ buildings under the Foundation’s Public-Private Partnership Model. The schools would be upgraded to provide post-primary education to the most deserving communities especially girl students across Sindh.

It is estimated that around 15,000 students will benefit from this intervention in the Academic Year 2022-23. It is also expected that another 20,000 learners will benefit from the expansion of the Non-Formal Education portfolio of the foundation.

The Youth Education Employment Empowerment Project has been launched with a dedicated focus on educating, training, and empowering 15,000 youth in Sindh as a joint initiative with the UNDP on a cost-sharing basis. Until now, the Project Management Unit (PMU) has been established which is engaged in a scoping exercise. The project is going to give an impetus to the implementation of the Sindh Youth Policy in the province.

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