15 Must-Read Books on Pakistan

15 Must-Read Books on Pakistan

15 Must-Read Books on Pakistan

Who doesn’t love reading good books in their free time, I think everyone likes reading a good, interesting book while enjoying their me-time? So, we picked out the fifteen must-read books for those seeking a greater deeper understanding of Pakistan. Let’s have a look at the list of 15 must-read books on Pakistan.

Pakistan Heritage Cuisine (A Food Story)

It is written by Sayeeda Leghari, the book is basically about the cuisines of Pakistani food and cooking. It reveals the history and evolution of Pakistani foods, describing various foods like biryani, karahi and much more. Moreover, this book has won the ‘Best Asian Cookbook in the World’ award. It is the best book for food lovers across the world. This is a must-read for all the foodie lovers out there. 

In Other Rooms, Other Wonders

The book is written by Daniyal Mueenuddin. This book is a compilation of stories that revolve around love, betrayal and wealth. It showcases about the typical feudal mentalities of Pakistan, the feudal lords and their home. This book was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize which is like the biggest prize for book authors, and it has gotten the Story Prize and the Commonwealth Writers Prize. A must-read for everyone. 

I am Malala

This book is written by Malala Yousafzai. It’s a story about the girl, Malala herself, about how she bravely stood up against terrorism and fought for the rights of her people. Although many people in Pakistan consider this topic controversial, but still the world recognized her efforts and applauded her for her sacrifices. 

A Case of Exploding Mangoes

The author of this book is Mohammad Hanif. This book depicts the life in the army and sheds light on the details of the plane crash of General Zia Ul Haq. This book was nominated for the Guardian First Book Award and in the Commonwealth Book Prize, the book received the Best First Book Award in 2009. 

We’ve Learnt Nothing from History- Pakistan: Politics and Military Power

This book is written by M Asghar Khan. The book focuses on the early entry of Pakistan’s armed forces into the country’s politics and deals in a few details about the rule of General Yahya Khan and Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto during the 1970’s and General Zia Ul Haq in the 1980’s. It also provides insights into the political developments in Pakistan in the future. 

Pakistan: A Modern History

The author of this book is Ian Talbot who happens to be a professor of history at Southampton University. He is known to be one of the leading historians of South Asia. This book focuses about the understanding of history of Pakistan. The author stresses to focus on the approach to break down stereotypes and emphasis on the answers as to how the democracy works well in India, while Pakistan has been subjected to long periods of authoritarianism during the five decades of its existence. 

A Journey to Disillusionment 

This book is written by Sherbaz Khan Mazari, who was about 18 years old when Pakistan was created. In this book, he talks about how democracy was deposed by those who had captured the state in the name of democracy. In this book he writes about how he feels that democracy is the only possible solution for Pakistan but also there is a disillusionment of bringing the real democracy within Pakistan. 

Pakistan- Culture Smart! The Essential Guide to Customs and Culture

This book is written by Safia Haleem. It is the best book on Pakistani culture, full of accurate and practical information which focuses on details that go deep to the cultures and customs of Pakistan. The book goes on explaining numerous local celebrations and festivities that go unnoticed, even the cultural life goes unnoticed. And how the modern Pakistanis live their life today. A must-read for the people who love knowing about Pakistan’s rich culture. 

Three Cups of Tea

This is a story based on a real-life adventurer, Greg Mortenson. This book focuses on the fact that how the author was rescued by Himalayan villagers after a failed attempt to climb K2. He worked on to build schools for young girls and how he fought Taliban restrictions over denied education for girls. This is quite an interesting pick, a must-read for all book lovers. 

My Feudal Lord

This book comprehends of the position of many women who live in Pakistan, it is written by Tehmina Durrani. This book is a story about a woman who was born into an influential family, how she was expected to marry a wealthy Muslim man, bear him many kids. It shows how the main character suffered in silence in an unhappy marriage but the moment she stood up for herself, she lost her family, kids, friends, it shows what a Muslim must pay for standing up for herself. This booked shocked many as it portrayed the reality of Pakistani society but also received appreciation. This is an essential read. 

Pakistan: A Personal History

This book helps you to see through the current situation of Pakistan through the eyes of the former Pakistani Prime Minister, Imran Khan. This book is written by Imran Khan. In this book, Imran Khan emphasizes on the fact about how he suffered instability and how he promoted tourism in Pakistan. But with his own party, Tehreek-e-Insaaf, he has become controversial. Reading this book will make the readers understand as to why the majority people of Pakistan disagree with his and his strategical approaches. 

The Unquiet Ones: A History of Pakistan Cricket

This book is written by Samaiuddin Osama. This book revolves around the story about Pakistani cricket, how it has evolved over time, the struggles to becoming an exclusive national sport. This is a must-read for all the cricket lovers and fans out there. 

History of Pakistan- An Architectural View

The author of the book is Kashif Hamza Hassan. In this book, you will find how Pakistan’s historic architecture is dominated by holy monuments and tombs. Pakistan is known to have rich strong history of structures from the Mughal Era with beautiful yet modern ventures. This book is for you, if you love to discover about the history, people, culture and architectural designs of Pakistan. 

The Bhutto Dynasty- The Struggle for Power in Pakistan

Written by Owen Bennett Jones. This book takes you onto a whole new major investigation into the Bhutto family digging their long-lasting influence in Pakistan from the colonial era to this present day. In this book, the readers can find out how the Bhutto family has been the most powerful in Pakistan and how the politics costed the Bhutto family. This is an interesting pick and a must-read. 

Between Dreams and Realities- Some Milestones in Pakistan’s History

Written by Sartaz Aziz. This book is all about the political history of Pakistan in the illuminating milestones and how the nation has faced difficulties since its inception. Sartaz Aziz focuses on how the democracy has failed in Pakistan. A good read to learn more about the democratic system and failures of the democracy dispensation.

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