15 Year Old Dies, In the Youngest Vaping-Related Death In The US

15 Year Old Dies, In the Youngest Vaping-Related Death In The US

Youngest Vaping-Related Death

A 15 year old boy from Texas,US, has reportedly died due to the effects of vaping, in what is being termed as the youngest vaping-related death in the US.

This is the first-of-its-kind incident in the Dallas County. The cause of death as identified by local officials, of the teen with an underlying health was lung injury due to the use of e-cigarette.  Vaping is another, more hip term for smoking e-cigarettes. These electronic cigarettes work by converting a flavored liquid, containing varying amounts of nicotine into vapors hence, the name ‘vaping.’

According to the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the recent data indicates that the outbreak which began in June 2019 is continuing without an end in sight. Since the year started the CDC has received reports of more than 2600 cases of lung injury or death from over 50 US states, all linked to the use of EVALI – the official name for e-cigarettes. The victims of EVALI range from age 15 through 75.

The CDC explained that vitamin E acetate is a big reason for the country’s vaping-related lung illness outbreak. Even though vaping is illegal under-eighteen teens, but apparently the law has failed to stop the younger lot from actively participating in vaping activities.

The US is not the only country getting affected by this ever-increasing vaping trend. Pakistani youngsters, particularly belonging to the upper-strata of society are being lured into smoking EVALI. A major misconception related to e-cigarettes is that they are ‘safe,’ when the case is the very opposite. Vaping liquids all contain varying levels of nicotine. These cigarettes essentially, mimic the behavior of regular cigarette by provide the smoker both the chemical-high with the help of nicotine, and the physical-feel with the hand-to-mouth movement.

The PTI government has promised to rid school and university campuses of drug use by conducting regular drug-tests of student, but it seems no one is paying attention to the ever-rising number of vape lounges in major cities.

The expensive real-cigarette alternatives are being sold to teens, students across the country without an iota of regulatory statutes. It is high-time the officials realize the health-threat posed by EVALI. Banning the use may be a problem, but at least the quality of e-liquids should regulated to ensure that they do not contain chemicals which could seriously cause harm to people health to the point of no-return.



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