15000 school teaching jobs announced by Punjab Govt.


Punjab Minister for School Education, Murad Raas has announced to recruit 15000 school teachers under School Teachers Internship Program. The school teachers will be hired for a nine months period on daily wages all across Punjab. 

Murad Raas made this announcement while addressing a press conference in Lahore on Thursday. He mentioned that the Education sector is faced with a shortage of school teachers. There is a shortage of around 50,000 teachers, explained the minister. To make up for this deficiency to some extent, 15000 teachers will be hired on daily wages in the first phase of the internship program. 

The procedure to apply and the deadline has also been given. The applications will be submitted online and the last date to apply is the 15th of July. However, the interviews will start on the 20th of July. Moreover, the decision will be finalized and the job letters will be issued by the School Council on the 5th of August according to the given information.

During his address, Murad Raas also announced that they will start a paperless mechanism in the Education department. He said that they have established a data center at the Program Monitoring, and Implementation Unit (PMIU). Through this step, they will bring together 11 departments in one place, he explained. The purpose of the data center is to make sure that the decisions are taken on the basis of merit and without any delay. 

Talking about making the system online, he said, ‘we have already made the process of transfers and retirements online.’ He also mentioned that using the system they have scanned around 12 million documents of the education department. The purpose of digitalizing the department is also to eliminate the chances of corruption of which the department is accused. He said that the people who are involved in corrupt practices are annoyed by these digital advancements. 

The daily wages of teachers to be hired through the said internship program have also been announced. For elementary school teachers, the daily wage will be 800 rupees. Whereas, it is decided to be 1000 rupees per day for secondary school teachers and 1200 rupees per day for higher secondary school teachers.

The School Teachers Internship Program is divided into six phases and in the first phase, around 15000 teachers will be hired through the online application system. A budget of around 130 million rupees has also been allocated for the program.

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