17 Students Shown The Door In PU January Clash Probe


Coming good on its promise of taking impartial disciplinary action against perpetrators of last month’s violent clash, University of Punjab , Lahore has expelled 17 students over their involvement in the clash and the ensuing arson.

The punishments handed out are result of the first phase of inquiries and investigations, while the second phase will soon follow in which 30 more students will be questioned. The university administration also rusticated six students for a one-year period and imposed financial penalties and probationary oversight on five others.

Any effort to sabotage the peaceful academic environment will be dealt with iron hand and no leniency would be shown to any deviant student.

A violent clash between members of two students bodies at Punjab University had broken out on January 22 leaving dozens injured and forcing the university administration to call in security agencies to restore order to the varsity campus. The clash between Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba (IJT) and members of Pasthun and Baloch student unions initiated at the university’s Electrical Engineering department, but spread to other parts of the campus quickly. A laboratory was also set on fire during the brawl.

Thirteen of the students expelled belong to the IJT. Although such clashes have since long become part of PU life, it is the first time the university has acted strictly against culprits and handed out punishment as severe as expulsion. According to the university rules, the expelled students will not be able to get admissions in any department of PU for life and the rustication will stand valid for 12 months. PU Disciplinary Committee has also banned entry of expelled and rusticated students in the university.

Commenting on the decision, PU spokesperson said the committee had treaded with extreme caution in the case so as to not implicate any student not involved in the episode. He said the university would also allow the punished students a chance of appeal against the decision of the disciplinary committee, which they could file with the vice chancellor within fifteen days. The spokesperson said the PU Disciplinary Committee consisting of senior professors maintained high standards of justice, objectivity and fair play. The verdict was based on foolproof evidence corroborated by many types of material, including footages from of surveillance cameras, eyewitnesses, documentary record, he added.

The IJT students handed expulsion orders are Osama Ejaz, Muneeb Farooq, Rahat Ali, Sikandar Kakar, Muhammad Uneeb Afzal, Ahmed Zakriya, Abdul Baseer, Osama Bin Shafaat, Hidayatullah, Samiullah Khan, Zeeshan Ashraf, Mian Arsalan and Arifur Rehman, while those belonging to Pashtun/Baloch organisations are Asfand Yar, Alamgeer Khan, Naeem Wazir, Paiuddin Khan.

The six students rusticated for a year are Muazam Ali Shah, Maqbool Lehri, Salman Wazir, Salman Ahmed, Waris Khan and Ashraf Khan. A fine of Rs 10,000 coupled with a three month-probation was imposed on five students –Ajab Khan, Abbas, Abdul Salam, Dolat Khan and Rehan Khan. Two former students, Bilal Ahmed and Dawood Khan, one each from the rival sides, have been declared persona non grata by the disciplinary committee.

Of the 34 students issued notices in the first phase, just three got off the hook as their involvement in the clash could not be established through the available evidences.


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