1st Steering Committee Meeting Of HEDP Project Held


The first meeting of the Steering Committee of Higher Education Development in Pakistan (HEDP) project was held at HEC Secretariat, Islamabad.

The meeting was attended by members comprising provincial Higher Education Departments (HEDs), Vice Chancellors of different Universities and representatives of different ministries. The meeting was chaired by Dr Fateh Marri, Executive Director HEC.

Dr Marri welcomed the honorable members and informed them about HEDP project objective. The Steering Committee was briefed about the background and details of the project by  Fazal Abbas Maken, Consultant Institutional Reforms and Focal Point for HEDP. It was highlighted that HEC Vision 2025 is based on Government’s Vision 2025, which aims at improving teaching and learning along with strengthening governance in the higher education sector. HEDP has also been formulated to achieve the objectives set forth in HEC Vision 2025.

He informed the members that project’s life is of 60 months. The project objectives will be achieved through five components, which involve different sets of development activities focusing on teaching, use of technology, and collaboration in research.

Afterward, the component owners briefed the Committee about the set of activities planned for the next 18 months. The Vice Chancellors appreciated the efforts of HEC and assured their active participation in the project activities. The Committee approved the work plan and operation manual with the recommendation to involve stakeholders for developing criteria, policies, and designing training.

The Executive Director appreciated the active participation of the Steering Committee members and expected that the project team would be guided by the Committee for achieving its objectives.  In his concluding remarks, Dr Sajid Ali Yousifani, Federal Secretary, Ministry of Education, and Professional Training appreciated the launch of this project by HEC and underlined the need for consistent efforts to ensure the provision of quality education, through integrating technology in teaching, learning, and research.

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