Around 20,000 students filled the National Stadium of Karachi to give the entry test for getting admission to the IT courses provided by Saylani Welfare Organization, a charity organization of Pakistan. The test took place on Sunday and the stadium was flooded with students on the test day.
Saylani Welfare Organization conducted this test and the event was also attended by the President of the state, Arif Alvi. Along with that, the chairman of the organization Maulana Bashir Farooq, and Mufti Muneeb ur Rehman were also present at the event.
President Arif Alvi addressed the crowd, lauded the efforts of the welfare organization, and also said some words to motivate the youth. He said that the organization is contributing to bringing the digital revolution in the country. Talking to the aspirants, he said that the employment opportunities for them are available all around the world. He urged that they should work hard, explore the opportunities and change their fates for them.
Chairman Maulana Bashir Farooq emphasized the importance of freelancing opportunities that the students can use studying subjects like information technology. He explained with an example that a student who used to earn around 8000 rupees by working as a carpenter is now able to earn more than 100,000 dollars through freelancing using the platforms like Upwork after receiving their training from this program.
The crowd does not only show the strength of students desiring to gain technical education but also the importance of such opportunities. Saylani Organization also offers courses like graphic designing, Python, Web and Mobile, etc. Along with that, it also provides training in multiple other fields. Seeing Pakistani youth this interested in the fields of technology ensures a bright future of technology in the country. But this cannot happen if they are not provided enough opportunities. If only a few students out of thousands of applicants will be selected for the course, where will the rest of them go? Do we have enough platforms or opportunities to accommodate them?

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