CEO Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) during his visit to Pakistan said that there are a lot of opportunities and benefits for international students in Malaysia. 

EMGS is facilitating international students to pursue higher education in Malaysia. CEO Mohd Radzlan Jalaluddin talked at a press conference in Pakistan and presented the advantages that Malaysia provides to the international people who are seeking to get higher education in their country.  

Mohd Radzlan, while talking about the opportunities provided in Malaysia for the students, said, ‘students will experience world-class education in Malaysia with high-ranking institutions of the world offering degrees that are well recognized all over the world.’ He further added that according to the QS world university rankings, thirty-two Malaysian programs were ranked among the top 100 universities offering world-class academic degrees. ‘Malaysia has 435 state-of-the-art higher education institutions across the country that have a huge capacity to entertain international students. Malaysia offers diverse culture, affordable living, secure environment, and dynamic lifestyle to its international students,’ he explained.

Malaysia is surely a reputed country for students and its status is recognized in the whole world. As per the data from United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Malaysia is among the top 11 charts when it comes to inbound student mobility. Moreover, there are 131,000 international students enrolled in Malaysian institutes as per the 2020 records. 

Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) is working efficiently to enhance the repute of Malaysia in terms of international education and to elevate its level to the top 10 studying destinations for students from all over the world. These efforts have made this country compete with world-class education hubs like the USA, Australia, and the UK. It has been successful in proving that this country is rich in terms of diversity and educational standards.  

This organization is also responsible for facilitating international students through the visa process and for their movement in Malaysia. A recently launched portal by the name, ‘Diversity Education Malaysia Portal,’ by EMGS is the place where all the information about education in Malaysia is available. All the details about the higher educational institutions can be received from this reliable source of information now. Moreover, EMGS has also created, a ‘Course Talk Series’ where experts from different educational institutions talk about the programs offered by their universities and their scope.  

This has now become very helpful for students to gather all the required details because there is no fear of false information now. EMGS has worked hard to bring the country to the place it is now in terms of its education. The CEO explained that the efforts will continue to take Malaysia to higher and higher standards of international education.

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