The International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS), University of Karachi (UoK) is regularly audited by the relevant audit authorities and represents the best examples of prudent financial management in the country.

The Spokesman of the ICCBS – University of Karachi, refuting the false allegations regarding the outcome of the center appeared in the media, on Thursday said that performance audits and evaluations of the center are routinely carried out by the top foreign scientists.

The Federal Ministry of Education had objected to the funding formula proposed by HEC for all university research centers, and pointed out that it was not suitable without precedence and that it would badly damage research, he said, adding that the issue therefore was never about the auditing of accounts or transparency.

He said that financial transparency in the administrative matters at the ICCBS, University of Karachi was undisputable, as all institutions working under the umbrella of the ICCBS – University of Karachi are regularly audited by the relevant audit authorities.

Academic and performance audits of the international center are regularly conducted by the top scientists in the field. The last audit was conducted by 11 international experts in 2018, he added. The center has been able to win international and national grants which is undeniable proof of its excellence, he said.

The ICCBS – University of Karachi is the academic research institution, which is truly regarded as a national asset and deserves to be appreciated by true academics, he said, adding that the prime task of the ICCBS is to train scholars at the post-graduate levels. The graduates of the ICCBS are serving at top positions in industries and academic institutions home and abroad, he said.

The academic and research contributions of the center are openly presented on its website (, he said, adding that this center has triple recognition of UNESCO Center of Excellence, WHO Collaborating Center, and OIC Center of Excellence

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