Community pharmacy in Pakistan is a widely growing chain. The Department of Pharmacy at Iqra University North Campus (IUNC) always aims to collaborate with positive, like-minded organizations that believe in meeting the health-based needs of society. This step has been taken to highlight the potential of our graduating youth for a better future so that they can play an important role in the health sector with their ability, hard work and honesty. These views were expressed by Director Dr Syed Ali Raza while signing a memorandum of understanding between Ehad Healthcare and Iqra University North Campus. He said that the health sector is very wide and includes many types of fields, and the work of this pharmacy is present in all hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, laboratories, and other health institutions, which gives the youth the best opportunity to serve humanity.

Dr Umema Muzamil, General Manager Pharmacy Operations of Ehad Healthcare, said that the purpose of signing the MoU with Iqra University North Campus is to utilize the education and credentials of young students who are studying pharmacy. She further said that there is a shortage of educated girls in our sector and that while women’s rights are also given equal in Pakistan, we have decided that we will give intern placements to the youth who are studying at Iqra University North Campus. They will be informed and trained. Educated youth will be taught the principles of working in institutions so that they can play a better role with their skills in the future.

On this occasion, the director of Iqra University North Campus, Dr Syed Ali Raza signed an MoU with the support of the General Manager Pharmacy Operations of Ehad Healthcare, Dr Umema Muzamal, and visited the department of pharmacy. At the end of the ceremony, Dr Syed Ali Raza expressed his gratitude to the guests.

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