28th Convocation of GIKI Celebrates 495 Graduates

28th Convocation of GIKI Celebrates 495 Graduates

28th Convocation of GIKI

Governor of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Faisal Karim Kundi, highlighted the transformative potential of science and technology in shaping Pakistan’s economy during the annual convocation at Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences (GIKI). Speaking as the chief guest, Kundi emphasized the importance of adapting to technological advancements to achieve economic development goals.

The event, attended by prominent figures including Engr. Salim Saifullah Khan, President of the Society for the Promotion of Engineering Sciences and Technology in Pakistan (SOPREST) virtually, Shakil Durrani, Executive Director of SOPREST, vice-chancellors from various universities, parents, federal and provincial officials, and students, saw the conferment of degrees to 495 graduates. The degrees spanned BS, MS, and PhD levels, covering disciplines in engineering and management sciences.

Governor Kundi underscored the significance of digital skills training, noting the burgeoning opportunities in the freelancing market both domestically and internationally. “We are on the cusp of the fifth industrial revolution,” he stated, “where technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning are reshaping industries. Adapting to these developments is crucial for our economic progress.”

Addressing global challenges such as climate change, food shortages, and energy crises, Kundi called for innovation in science and technology to tackle these issues. He stressed the need for advanced problem-solving skills to make significant contributions to humanity.

“Pakistan is at a critical crossroads, facing the challenge of economic development,” the Governor noted. He pointed out the transformative impact of digital tools and online learning platforms on the education landscape, emphasizing the need to ensure that all youth have access to contemporary education.

Praising the GIK Institute, Kundi lauded the efforts of its founder, the late Ghulam Ishaq Khan. “You are fortunate to have received a contemporary engineering education from a center of excellence like GIK Institute,” he told the graduates.

Shakil Durrani reflected on the institution’s journey, recalling the vision and leadership of Ghulam Ishaq Khan. “This convocation is a momentous occasion that brings back memories of the early days when Ghulam Ishaq Khan’s dream of establishing a center of excellence in engineering education became a reality.”

Prof. Dr. Fazal Ahmad Khalid, GIK Institute Rector, announced plans to celebrate 31 years of excellence in December, with participation from alumni worldwide and academicians from across the country. Prof. Dr. Syed Muhammad Hasan Zaidi, Pro-Rector Academics, elaborated on the institute’s academic activities, industry linkages, research projects, co-curricular activities, and future programs.

Concluding the ceremony, Governor Kundi congratulated the graduates, saying, “This convocation is the beginning of your journey. I congratulate you all from the bottom of my heart and hope your future is filled with success.”

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