Rs. 41.87 billion has been approved to be allocated to all the development projects working under Higher Education Commission (HEC) by the Finance Division. There are almost 149 Public Sector Development Projects (PSDP) under HEC for which the budget of around 42 billion rupees is approved.

Many of the projects are already in progress and some have been added now. According to reports, around 11 new projects have been approved to be carried out by HEC. For the new projects, a budget of Rs. 3.1 billion is allocated whereas the rest goes for the previously run projects.

Talking about the distribution of the budget, Rs. 60 million is allocated for bilateral academic and research ties with different countries. Likewise, Rs. 300 million has been approved for academic collaboration with universities under the CPEC consortium.  Rs. 200 million is allocated to build AJK Women University in Bagh (WUAJK) and Rs. 417.73 million is allocated for FATA University. Whereas Rs. 350 million has been allocated for establishing the University of Gwadar.

On the other hand, Rs. 450 million has been announced for creating educational opportunities for the students of Balochistan and FATA. Moreover, for the scholarships of Gilgit Baltistan students, a budget of Rs. 100 million has been allocated. Also, Rs. 20 million has been allocated for the scholarships of students from Gwadar.

For Afghan students, along with a budget of 1 billion rupees for providing 3000 scholarships under the Allama Iqbal Scholarship Program, a further 70 million rupees have been allocated. Furthermore, for the Coastal Region Higher Education Scholarships Program for Balochistan students, Rs. 200 million has been approved.

In the Information Technology sector, Rs. 354.07 million has been allocated to the National Center of Excellence in Big Data and Cloud Computing, Rs. 185 million to the Center of Excellence in Cyber Security, and Rs. 200 million to the National Center of Excellence in Robotics and Automation.

Talking about the Ph.D. programs, Rs. 400 million has been approved for Ph.D. fellowships and Rs. 235 million for the Master’s leading to Ph.D. programs for the Balochistan students. Along with that, Rs. 50 million has been allocated for phase 2 of overseas MS/MPhil leading to Ph.D. programs and Rs. 600 million for phase 3 of the same programs.

The Financial Division has approved the allocation of Rs. 1 billion rupees for the Higher Education Development Program of Pakistan (HEDPP).

For Pak-UK Education Gateway, Rs. 300 million has been approved. Whereas, Rs. 250 million rupees has been announced for Pak-USAID merit and need-based scholarship programs and Rs. 600 million for the HEC-USAID Fulbright Scholarship Support Program.

The government has allocated 1 billion rupees for the Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme. The rest of the budget has been allocated to Kamyab Jawan Program and Youth Olympics.

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