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Best Learning Apps in Pakistan


5 Best Learning Apps in Pakistan

Its really easy to get lost in notes and ideas while you are studying. Fortunately, the app market has exploded with useful mobile apps for students to help them streamline their academic and personal lives. You can find an app on everything you can imagine nowadays and if you want to make your student life easier these apps can surely lend a hand. A gigantic array of mobile apps is available that students can use for learning, organizing, revising topics, taking study notes, or increasing productivity. We want to highlight some of the best apps that can grease the wheels of students of all ages. So today we will share Learning Apps in Pakistan.


Evernote is good app if you want to manage your focus on what matters most to you. It’s an app that not only stores everything from personal moments but also for academic projects. The application auto-syncs your devices, from desktop, smartphone, to tablet and your data always remain available, no matter where you are. It will not only save all your ideas, notes or clipped pages but you can also invite anyone to collaborate on whatever is on your mind. By allowing users to store a note using voice memos, photos, and more Evernote is your Redeemer if you don’t have time for typing. Without doubt Evernote is the platform where you can collect and organize material efficiently and get it back whenever you need it.


This app is totally for you if want to connect with your study material in fun way. Studyblue is an online study platform where you can upload class study materials, notes, pictures, saved web pages, create electronic flashcards to study. The app also let it users share the uploaded material with friends to practice. All the information stored on cloud and users can connect with others students who are learning the same subject and test their knowledge. For a modern student’s arsenal, Studyblue is not stand-alone solution but it’s the best app if you want to store your study materials digitally[/vc_column_text]


want  to expand your language skills or want make your breaks and commutes more productive by learning a new language? Duolingo is the best language-learning platform mobile app that can help. The app is loaded with lessons that have variety of speaking, listening, translation, and multiple choice challenges to make you familiar with a foreign language. Duolingo uses magnification techniques that make learning a foreign language fun and addictive at the same time. Another good feature is this app use in lesson grading and you can see your correct and incorrect answers while testing


Are you in need textbooks for the new semester without paying, then download from Chegg Books free app. With this app you can find rentals of textbooks and other study materials according to your need. You can also search for books and order them on economical prices if they’re not available on rent. Rental terms of this website are much more flexible and come along with a Q&A section where you can browse question boards and find answers from subject matter experts. Another interesting feature is you can also make some additional money by renting out your own books to other app users.


This app is a good choice if you want to say goodbye to your paper planner. Mystudylife is a great tool that will not make your study life easier but also helps you to manage it more efficiently. The app has a user-friendly to-do list options with the ability to manage week and day rotation timetables as well as traditional weekly schedules. The app further notifies you about all incomplete tasks and upcoming classes and exams so that you can prepare yourself in advance. All your data will be stored in cloud and you can even work offline and sync when you’re back online.

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