5 coding activities for kids that require no-screen


5 coding activities for kids that require no-screen

Many parents these days are concerned as to how their children spend most if their time on the screen. So, we came up with five coding activities that will keep your kids busy, and the good part is that it doesn’t even require any screen. How cool is that!
In this article we will list down 5coding activities for kids that are the most important skill in today’s digital world.

Binary Messaging

How to play: Bring your kids together and ask them to think of a secret message, hand them a printable ASCII code sheet. They are required to transform their secret messages into ASCII codes as if they store them in computers. Then, you can ask the kids to exchange their messages with each other and now they must understand the message that is store in their siblings/friends’ computers. How fun is it!
What you learn: Children can learn how information is stored in computers as binary values.

If…. Then…

How to play: So, in this game, one of the kids must determine the actions of the other kids. For instance, if a kid looks at others, they need to stand still, if he raises his right arm, they need to move. Children agree on these signals at the start of the game. In this way, kids pretend to act like computers, they obey the rules as if they are like the commands being pressed.
What you learn: Children discover the idea of how commands result in programming. This will help them to learn the “If-Then” cause structure of coding.

Emoji Story- telling

How to play: In this fun-filled game, children can use emoji masks or a set of worksheets to tell stories. Sometimes it gets hard to describe a situation or while communicating, so the kids can use different emojis to tell a story or a situation. Name it, naming a feeling behind each of the emojis and compare with all the answers they get from each kid. Designing, this gives the kids a space for their creativity as they are given a blank emoji and they are asked to design it themselves.
What you learn: Children get to create their own emojis, it helps them showcase their artistic talents and helps demonstrate the social aspect of computer science.

Teaching Robot Making Hot-dogs

How to play: Just make a story about a robot who started working at a hot-dog cafe. Children are asked to teach the robot how to prepare hot-dogs. The robot is a machine, so it has no idea how to make food. Then you can ask the kids to give instructions to the robot, when they are ready, you can pretend to be the robot making hot-dogs at a cafe. Let’s see how good the hot-dogs turn out to be.

What you learn: It is vital to understand the term decomposition in order to learn coding. Breaking down a task into smaller tasks is the basic of code development.

Binary Bead Necklace

How to play: Children learn about the binary code and create a necklace spelling out their name in binary. Kids can write their secret message by using binary skills by breaking codes. They can use art supplies to colour in the squares to make out their name or the secret message, once it’s sorted, they can make their own bead necklaces with the colours that they chose to crack the codes.

What you learn: This game makes a great pattern recognition activity for kids.

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