Summer vacations are an exciting time of the year that is highly looked forward by both parents and kids. For both sides, there’s the relief of having dealt with exams, the comfort of not going through rushed mornings and anticipation of spending time with the family and engaging in productive activities. But the plans do not materialise for everyone, and vacations for most children turn into boring routines of lazing around the house, watching TV aimlessly and wishing the vacations hadn’t arrived in the first place.

But the holidays and children’s vigour need not go to waste if you know the wide variety of activities you can get you child engaged in during the summer. In order that you don’t forget, we have compiled a list avenues for you and your child to consider to make this year’s holidays truly fun and fruitful.

Get Artsy

artsysArts and the world of colours, paper and pencils is among the most fascinating of engagements for kids. No kid never loved experimenting with shapes, colours and crafting, and maybe that is exactly what will get your child excited as well. Summer programmes that offer painting, drawing and other such creative courses are usually being run across the town in various public and private institutes. Lahore Arts Council offers several creative courses for drawing, painting, drama and acting etc. A brush with traditional and performing arts will not only do wonders to unleash your child’s creative side, but it will also leave him or her much more confident about his talents and abilities.

Strike A Note

guitar lesssooonssMusic has become a universal language of communication and plays a big role in a child’s development. Almost all children get the important first lessons in music through nursery rhymes and lullabies, but only a few end up exploring more of the same in later stages of life. Why not ask your child about an instrument he would like to learn to play and then get him set up for lessons? There are plenty of institutes and private individuals who offer lessons to aspiring musicians to learn a wide variety of musical instruments like the guitar, piano, drums and even vocal training. Hunerkada, College of Visual and Performing Arts, National Music Academy Pakistan and many other institutions are offering professional tutorials, short courses, diplomas and certifications that can be explored.

Cook Up A Storm

cjild cookDoes your child like to prepare breakfast for you? Or maybe he is really good at making the perfect strawberry milkshake? If so, you might have yourself a natural who understands food and flavours. If your children have a likeness for cooking and creating their own masterpieces in the kitchen, it will be great idea to get them professional training to hone their skills.

Once considered a domain only fit for women, food preparation and cooking has now become a vibrant industry attracting male and female human resource alike. An influx of food-based TV channels, competitions and the increasing demand for home catering is making the industry grow by leaps and bounds, and professional prospects in the field have become as good as in any other. Who knows, a cooking class to fight boredom during summer vacations may lead your child to his or her own professional food show or business?

Learn A Language

tnjkuuuSummer vacations are an excellent time to challenge your child mentally with the task of learning a new language or improving upon existing language skills. Parents and children that are eager to learn new languages like Chinese or German, and improve English otherwise, can easily register with a number of noted coaching centres. Besides, children can also explore specific courses offered at various institutes per their liking, like creative and fiction writing, narration, poetry etc. How does that sound for a summer occupation?

Get Physical

swimWe are not talking punches and kicks here, rather the variety of sports children can engage in during summer vacations to not only stay away from boredom, but also stay fit and in shape. There are a number of sports academies, clubs and societies spread across Pakistan that offer sports activities specifically designed for summer vacations. Tennis, football, cricket, swimming; you name it and there is a club or academy for it. In particular, swimming sessions at a well-maintained pool easily become a favourite past time for kids. Also on the up is children’s interests in unorthodox sports like Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), taekwondo, wrestling and jiu jitsu. A number of professional training centres are providing coaching and training in line with safety standards and international benchmarks, minimising the risk of injuries for children as they learn important techniques of self-defence and get into shape along the way.

So there you have it. Five avenues that your child can explore to make the most out of his or her summer vacations. Do you think we missed a point or two? Let us know with your feedback. Comment below or send suggestions at

Happy holidays!

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