Experts and scholars expressed their covenant that they will be success to send 60 thousand students from Sindh to different universities, addressing a seminar on “exploring digital career opportunities and effective communication tools for youth of Sindh” at Sindh Agriculture University (SAU) they said that 6 million students from different countries are studying in many universities of the world, but the number of students from Sindh is limited.

One-day conference was hosted by the Faculty of Crop Protection (FCPT) of Sindh Agricultural University in collaboration with the Institute for Social Change (ISC), a subsidiary of the Sindh Government’s Department of Sports and Youth Affairs,

Dr. Jan Muhammad Marri, Dean FCPT said that Sindh Agriculture University encourages its graduates to pursue higher studies in other universities of the world, but at the same time, we are trying to improve the academic and research quality of SAU in line with world standards, he expressed hope that this seminar would help the youth of Sindh to get scholarships in the universities of developed countries.

Abdul Jabbar Bhatti, Executive Director of ISC, said that there are thousands of scholarship opportunities in various universities around the world; China alone has set a target of providing opportunities to 5 Lac students from around the world.

He said that “we look for opportunities in universities around the world for the youth of Sindh and encourage them to get scholarships too and students studying in international universities should support the business economy in Sindh.”

Dr. Shahmurad Chandio, Scholar of Sindh University Jamshoro said that students from different  countries are getting higher education in universities of different developed countries including China, Malaysia, Australia, Germany, USA, UK in Medical, Engineering, Agriculture, IT, Business Administration and other subjects, therefore, if the youth of Sindh are guided and trained, then they can benefit from it.

On this occasion, Dr. Yaqoob Koondhar, Dr. Bhai Khan Solangi, Dr. Manzoor Abro, Dr. Ghulam Mujtaba Khushk and others also addressed, the seminar was attended by a large number of teachers and students

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