Allama Iqbal


Allama Muhammad Iqbal was a poet, philosopher, scholar, knight, politician and an authority on Islam all rolled into one single mortal being. His work inspired not only the birth of Pakistan, but also brought Muslims of his days out of ignorance, providing them with the confidence and guidance they needed to realise their true potential. To this day, Iqbal’s poetry and his extensive work remains popular among Muslims around the world. But unfortunately, his message of Muslim brotherhood, self-confidence, knowledge and continuous progress has been forgotten by people of the land Iqbal first dreamt to establish. On Iqbal’s 141’s birth anniversary, we look at a few of the simplest verses from Iqbal’s poetry to decode some lessons that our nation needs to learn more than ever before.

Few people attain knighthood from the West. Fewer are worthy of being called “Allama” in the East. However, there is not a single individual besides Sir Allama Dr Muhammad Iqbal whose name starts with both “Sir” & “Allama” and has a doctor’s title to go along. This shows the extremely wide spectrum of thought Iqbal had encompassed while embarking on an intellectual and spiritual journey which no other Muslim undertook. And its embodied in the book Reconstruction Of Religious Thought In Islam.