Intsab Sahi

Pakistani students show support for the Kashmiris facing persecution at the hands of Modi’s fascist regime.

The year 2020, marks the thirtieth annual commemoration of Kashmir Solidarity Day. Every year since 1990, Pakistanis mark February 5 with various rallies and protests to express solidarity with their Kashmiri brethren and call on the world to let Kashmiris decide their fate as per UN resolutions that guarantee their right to self-determination.

  • Indian students across the country take to streets to protest Citizenship Amendment Bill, crackdown on Jamia Millia Islamia
  • Protests spread to other Indian cities including Hyderabad, Varanasi, Kolkata, Punducherry, Lucknow and Mumbai

Indian Capital is in a state of absolute unrest, as protests ignited by the passing of contentious Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) spillover from the Jamia Millia Islamia to universities across the country. Dehli police, brutally tackled the protesting students of Jamia on Sunday evening. From tear gas explosions to baton charges, unfounded police brutality led to almost 6 casualties.