Education for all


Musician Kashan Admani has gathered together the leading artists of the country to produce a song titled “Taare”, as a part of ‘Music for a Cause’ campaign that supports education. The song “Taare” for the very first time will bring together 31 prominent artists of the country to propagate a united cause and is a project of the Dreamstation  Production House, in collaboration with ‘The Citizen Foundation’.

Educators, academicians and researchers are now much more aware of the problems and difficulties faced by children with special needs and endorse the utilization of technology to support and assist them. Special education needs can refer to the individual requirements of children with learning difficulties and disabilities, including verbal, cognitive, sensory, developmental and neuropsychological handicaps. Special children require additional assistance from teachers and parents in order to perform well in academic settings and new educational trends for special children are emerging  across the first world.