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HED asks PHEC to propose interview panel for another seven soon-to-fall-vacant VCs’ seats

The Punjab government has finally decided to appoint vice chancellors (VC) at three of the seven vacant posts in public universities where a permanent head of the institution was due for appointment. Following a tedious selection process that continued in fits and starts, the powers that be have finalised the names of VCs for University of Okara, University of Sahiwal and Ghazi University, Dera Ghazi Khan.

After more than five decades of exemplary service to the community, Dow Medical College has become become part of the Dow University of Health Sciences. Here’s all you need to know about it.



Dow Medical College, or what has now become the Dow University of Health Sciences, is among the oldest institutions of medical education in Pakistan and one that is highly prized by aspiring medical students across the country.

During one of his numerous bus journeys back home while being a student at NUST, one of our team members sat next sat to 15-year-old boy named Ahmed. The boy hardly stopped talking during the journey, explaining everything from why the sky was blue, why witches wore pointy hats and how JRR Tolkien got inspired to write The Hobbit. His passionate explanation, our colleague related, gave away his love for the fantasy world as well as reading, which was exactly what Ahmed said he wanted to explore further as a career.



Is Fulbright Scholarship…

The Fulbright Programme is a scholarship opportunity for the American and international students all around the globe introduced by Senator J William Fulbright in 1946 after World War II. The programme is designed for American students to endorse their talent in other countries while the students from other countries can travel to the US to avail this opportunity.