Inspiring books


There is not a day of summer well spent if not spent in the company of good books. The number of books published every year can be overwhelming for any book lover but exciting at the same time. Reading is a summer joy and a priceless activity to beat the summer heat and nothing is better than having a great to –read list of books. Every great man in the history was an avid reader, reading books to inspire and guide them through life. And since we are almost half way through the year, here is our list of top five books to read this summer that will change your perspective towards life.

Once Warren Buffet was asked about the secret to his success and wealth, to which he replied that he read 500 pages on a daily basis. This is the magic of reading books, they open doors to an imaginative world, build a connection of the fictitious realms with everyday realities and possess the power to melt your heart and evoke emotions. Books are the best guide, motivator, influencer and friend; the one that can change your perspectives and outlooks towards life and can help you to delve deeper into the mundane affairs of life, love, relationships, death and self-identity.