To be really successful, you must never stop learning, never stop trying and never fear failure

According to Credit Suisse, Global Wealth Databook, 2018 less than 10% of the global population owns 84% of the global wealth! If you just want a 9-5 job, food thrice a day, a little shelter, a wife and kids, weekend outings etc, you are just like the 90% owning 16% of the world wealth. But If you want to be among the top 10%, you must stop doing what else 90% are doing.

The world of movies is an amazing one. Pick a theme and chances are you will find dozens of listings of movies that fit the bill, all with a distinct take on the subject. And although you will find hundreds of movies that deal with universities, education, student life and related issues, there are some that force a viewer to dig deep into themselves through their powerful messages. Here, we have compiled a list of five great Hollywood movies with great life lessons we think will greatly help the younger lot still involved in the education process.

The three-week-long tensions between students and administration of Pakistan’s top ranked seat of higher learning, Quaid-e-Azam University (QAU), came to a rather sad end on Monday with a massive – and violent – crackdown on protesters by law enforcement agencies. Dozens of students were arrested and stuffed into police vans to make way for resumption of classes at the university, which did resume in a sombre environment on Tuesday.