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The annual Academic Ranking of World Universities, commonly known as the Shanghai ranking, has seen China and US make the most gains in the 2018 list, however, Harvard University retained the top spot for the 16th year running. China saw six new universities make their way into the top 500 in the world, while there were four new US universities in the 2008 list.

While adapting to a rapidly changing world is fairly difficult for most humans, it becomes immensely difficult for universities that are massive in terms of both their infrastructure and the number of people associated to them. Yet you will be surprised to find how ancient behemoths of knowledge have transformed over centuries to remain relevant in the educational world even today, and in the process built on their historic prominence to become some of the most sought after institutions around the globe.

Getting into a university is not just about ensuring access to quality higher education, but also choosing an institute that employers relate with producing candidates that add immense value to the organisations they join. Now a global study conducted by a leading HR consultancy Emerging gives prospective students insight into the universities most leading employers around the world think produce the best employable talent.