She was walking in the dark street, dark enough that no one can watch clearly after some feet, moving forward very carefully, step by step, watching back and forth again and again. Far in her view, there glows a light, she saw some shadows and suddenly light disappear. She was holding her handbag very tightly. In her path, there was a big stone that she didn’t judge, suddenly, she collides, her heartbeat increases, fallen down, lost her glasses in the dark… After very little effort, she got them and started her journey again. If you claim that your writing is impeccable, but did not find a mistake in the para above, believe me, you either need to stop calling your writing impeccable, or begin making serious efforts to improve your writing skills right now.

The healing effect of books has been recognized by academicians and researchers and has undergone a resurgence, leading to the proliferation of the art of bibliotherapy on a global level. According to a recent article published on The Conversation website, for almost 100 years reading and writing have helped veterans in building positive relationships, gaining confidence and facing challenges after post-service lives.