An unknown person, impersonating himself as an officer of the Directorate of Inspection and registration of Private Institutions Sindh, has been visiting privately managed schools of Karachi, offering his services to the administrators and owners of the private educational institutions for the renewal of registrations.

The DIRPIS, however, issued a circular in which all the principals, administrators, and owners have been informed that a person namely Izzatullah is a fraudulent person. He has no relation with the directorate and education department.

In this connection, the DIRPIS Director Dr. Mansoob Hussain Siddiqui in a press statement has said; “it has been brought into my knowledge that a person named Izzatullah visiting privately managed schools of Karachi region or contacts the principals regarding registration of schools and renewal of registration contracts of the schools from the DIRPIS”

While instructing the principals the Director said that Izzatullah was neither a member of the DIRPIS inspection committee nor he is known to the officials of the directorate. No one knows him. He is a fraudulent person. Therefore, all the principals should be cautious about his fraud. If Izzatullah contacts any of the private school owners, they should immediately inform the nearest police station.

He said the owners of the privately managed schools should be careful be about the said person. He could misguide some of the school’s owners. In case, if principals are making deals with him even after the issuance of this circular, they would be responsible for their loss.

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