According to the details shared by the lawyer Mansoor Hassan Khan, on his “X” profile, another student of Lahore American School (LAS) Pakistan, this time a 9th grader from Korea, has committed suicide. The lawyer is also the father of Dawood Khan, who previously sued the same school in February 2023, Dawood was also a student of the same school sponsored by the US State Department.

 According to Mansoor, Dawood’s decision to take his own life “resulted directly from the cruel and demeaning treatment he endured while attending Lahore American School (LAS) in Lahore, Pakistan.” Bullying issues at the school arose in 2016 when Dawood faced severe harassment and intimidation from certain classmates, as mentioned in the parents’ complaint. Consequently, the young boy refrained from attending school for an extended period and had to be hospitalized due to the psychological trauma he endured. Dawood’s father formally raised his concerns about the harassment with the school administration, but the lawsuit contends that no action was taken against the students involved. Subsequently, Mansoor filed a complaint with the U.S. ambassador to Pakistan.

Mansoor Khan clarified to an online news portal that, according to the school’s constitution, the American ambassador to Pakistan holds the ex-officio honorary chairperson position on the school board and serves as a regular director.

This tragic incident, where a student has resorted to taking their own life as a consequence of relentless bullying and harassment, is not an isolated occurrence. It is a somber narrative that echoes across numerous educational institutions throughout Pakistan. Instead of extending a compassionate hand to students in dire need of psychological and emotional support, many schools inadvertently exacerbate the burdens placed upon their students, thus intensifying the hardships they endure.

The urgency of this matter calls upon both the policymakers in Pakistan and the distinguished United States State Department to pay heed to such distressing events. It is imperative that they institute well-defined policies aimed at preventing the recurrence of such heart-wrenching incidents. The well-being and safety of our students should be at the forefront of our collective efforts to ensure a nurturing and secure environment for future generations.

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