A seminar titled Clean and Green Pakistan was jointly arranged by University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF) and District Government Faisalabad at New Senate Hall UAF in which the speakers stressed that environmental degradation and climate changes were posing a serious threat to the lives of the people for which everybody must plant the saplings to ensure the clean breath , environment and green Pakistan.

Speaking as a key speaker, Treasurer UAF Umer Saeed Qadri said that Prime Minister Initiatives of Clean and Green Pakistan has become a hallmark in order to fight environmental issues. He urged the youth, community leaders and others to collectively plant trees for creating awareness about benefit of green cover. He said that SDGs were focusing on 17-points key factors including climate changes, clean water and sanitation, sustainable agriculture, good health and well- being, and Life on earth etc which would pave the way for better future and prosperity. He added that joint efforts are required to cope with the challenges of daunting issues. Qadri said that with deforestation, increasing pollution, and smoke emitting from the chunk of factories and vehicles, the issue of climate changes was rising. He said that the school, college and university students contributions in this drive were essential and it wouuld also flourish their personality.

Assistant Commissioner Muhammad Umer Maqbool said that the Government had launched the competition in which three top greened and cleaned districts in  the provinces of Punjab and KPK would be selected. He said that the government had launched a mobile application on Green and Clean Pakistan in which citizens were encouraged to enter their green and clean contributions for the noble cause. He urged the citizens to play pivotal role in increasing plantation net in the country for the said issue for prosperous Pakistan.

Forestry Department Chairman Dr Tahir Siddique said trees reduce 50 per cent carbon dioxide emission. If it was chopped down or burned, it aggravated the issue of climate changes. A person needs atleast 3 trees to meet his requirement of oxygen.  We have to beef up efforts to increase green net. He said that after adding up billions trees in the country, weather pattern would change altogether.

Principal Estate Management Dr Qamar Bilal said the university had emerged the best green university as everyone found it the most attractive place . He said that in the last couple of months, 25000 plants were added to the campus and they would add 35000 new plants in this years. He said that marvelous contribution was being made by the government in terms of Clean and Green Pakistan.

Deputy Registrar Syed Qamar Bukahri said that collaborated efforts would increase the green cover and protect biodiversity in the country. He also called for boosting up steps against deforestation, causing global warming in the world. Senior Tutor Dr Ahtar Javed said that such event would pave the way to sensitize the public about the sensitive issue. They also planted the trees in the campus after the seminar.


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