Well-known writers Hassan Javed and Mohsin Zulfiqar’s book “Suraj Par Kamand” review ceremony was held at Jaun Elia Lawn Arts Council Karachi.

Dr. Jaffer Ahmed, Mazhar Abbas, and Wasatullah Khan presented articles. The participants included Rashid Rizvi, Sher Shah Syed, Mehnaz Rehman, Hassamul Haq, Latif Chaudhry Nadeem Akhtar, and Nasir Mansoor attended the session.

The video message of the author of the book Hassan Javed was also shown, in which he said that he was very grateful to the President Arts Council Muhammad Ahmad Shah for arranging the review ceremony of “Sooraj Par Kamand”, his four colleagues Altaf Hashmi.

“I would also like to thank Anwar Zaidi, Altaf Hashmi, Javed Baig, and Amin Baig who gave their full support to me. There were various challenges before us, on the one hand, to meet the standards of research and on the other to describe the context in such a way that expressing the sentiments of NSF workers”

Dr. Jaffar Ahmed said that NSF boys were mentioned in our house as bad boys but later they had to get up and sit with bad boys. In the 1960s there were youth uprisings all over the world. Racial prejudice was on the rise, the movements in European society overthrew the great thrones, but we could not have that experience, the effects of this ferment on Pakistan were different, the shortcomings left in the first volume have been filled in the remaining three volumes.

He said that this is the first time that the National Student Federation, an important student organization of Pakistan’s politics, has come up with such a comprehensive book on it. This book is a must-read for the youth. What this organization should do, all groups are cited in this book.

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