Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi organized the unveiling ceremony of Kavish Kazmi’s poetry collection “Dil Ne Jo Kaha” at Haseena Moin Hall, which was presided over by Ronak Hayat while special guest Afsar Saeed Khan, Dr. Nuzhat Abbasi, Sohail Ahmed, Dr. Naheed Abrar, Dr. Zaneera Anbar, Shakeel Khan, and others spoke. Naseem Ahmed Sheikh performed the duties of director.

On this occasion, Ronak Hayat said that “Dil Ne Jo Kaha” is a collection of poetry by Kavish Kazmi. His poetry has impressed us a lot. Afsar Saeed said, “I am happy that there are still good poets in our society, one of whom is Kavish Kazmi. I congratulate him on such a wonderful book.”

While speaking on the occasion Shakeel Khan said that It is a great endeavor, due to which sincere people are with him. I pay tribute to him. He said that under the direction of President Arts Council Muhammad Ahmad Shah, the doors of the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi are always open for literature, poetry, and artists.

Sohail Ahmed said that in the first meeting Kavish Kazmi made me his own. And those who walk on the path of truth have a very high position. Dr. Zaneera said that this is not only their voice but the voice of all of us.

This book is informative. Dr. Naheed Abrar said that Kavish Kazmi’s work is commendable; the author of the book Kavish Kazmi thanked all the attendees and the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi Ahmad Shah.

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