Academia Mag’s investigation of Scarsdale School Lahore incident

The school, the victim, and the culprits all belong to strong influential, and political families

In the latest development of the recent incident of brutal torture of classmates on a fellow student in Scarsdale International School (SIS) Lahore,  the school may face a hefty fine and involved students likely to be expelled from the school.

The real incident

As per Academia Magazine’s investigations, the incident of attack on the victim named Aleha Imran by her classmates including Jannat Malik, Kainat Malik and Noor Rehman was held on Monday, January 16. The video of the incident went viral on Thursday, January 19, however, the father of the victim Aleha Imran, Imran Younus filed an FIR in Police Station Defence A on Friday, January 20.

As per reliable information revealed by sources, both students Aleha Imran and Kainat Malik were close friends and studying at school since Kindergarten. Both of them shared videos of drug use with each other’s fathers. Sources also revealed that the drug use videos were shot at a private party outside the school campus. Jannat Malik along with her sister Kainat Malik and friends grabbed Aleha under the stairs near the cafeteria of the school where the CCTV cameras weren’t installed. After taking her to the place the students attacked Aleha and tortured her brutally.

However, the FIR filed by the father of Aleha Imran claimed that students Jannat and Kainat were members of a gang who used to sell drugs to students at the school campus. He also blamed the school administration for allowing students to use drugs on campus and not taking serious actions against culprits Jannat and Kainat as they belong to a strong political family.

Big Names involves

Interestingly, all the stakeholders involved in this incident are influential and have strong political backgrounds.

Sources told Academia Magazine that culprits Jannat Malik and Kainat Malik belong to the family of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) Senator and Minister for State (Petroleum) Dr Musadik Masood Malik. However, Musadik Malik has denied any connection with the culprits.

Father of the victim Aleha Imran also belongs to a political family and is said to be a senior journalist who worked for different news channels.

Most importantly the school, Scarsdale International School Lahore, also belongs to the political family of Humayun Akhtar Khan and his brother Haroon Akhtar Khan.

School’s Version

The team of Academia Magazine visited Scarsdale International School Lahore on Monday, January 23 to get the version of the school. Firstly, the administration denied entry to the team members and even guards misbehaved with the team.

The team was later allowed to meet school officials who denied that drugs were used inside the campus and said that the inquiry is in process, the school will release its information once the inquiry is completed.

The administration also informed that the school campus is completely covered by CCTV cameras and teachers have strict vigilance over the students. The incident happened after school hours when students were about to leave the campus.

Education Department’s view

The officials of the District Education Authority (DEA) who were also members of the inquiry told Academia Magazine that they are inquiring about the matter and as per the initial inquiry, the incident seems to be the result of a fight by both parties.

When asked about drug usage at the campus, the officials confirmed that the video of students using drugs was shot outside the school premises. The officials also said that no sign of drug usage inside the campus was found by inquiry teams.

ANF’s view

When contacted by Anti Narcotics Force (ANF) for drug usage inside schools, an official on the condition of not being named told that ANF usually doesn’t raid schools as they don’t come under the domain of ANF. He also said that ANF raids drug peddlers and sellers on the tip of information by locals or our teams, “how can we raid any educational institutions when we did not receive any complaint by school or students’ ‘, the official added.


The inquiry committee and school administration expect that the culprits must be punished and the school needs to increase the vigilance of staff to avoid any such incident again on campus.

However, parents should also keep an eye on their children, their friends and their gatherings as the reports of increasing drug usage are in the limelight.

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