ACP Karachi launches Dr Amjad Saqib’s book “4 Admi”
Amjad Saqibs 4 Admi

ACP Karachi launches Dr Amjad Saqib’s book “4 Admi”

Arts Council of Pakistan (ACP) Karachi has launched Dr Amjad Saqib’s book “4 Admi” at Haseena Moin Hall. President Arts Council Mohammad Ahmad Shah, Mehmood Sham, Mazhar Abbas, Syed Ayaz Mehmood, Shaheen Aziz, Nazir Tanio, and Dr Amjad Saqib spoke on the occasion while Shakeel Khan performed the duties of the moderator.

On this occasion, President of Arts Council Muhammad Ahmad Shah said that Dr Amjad Saqib has done a great job in the form of the book. The Arts Council has been transformed into a family. I am grateful to all the poets, writers, artists, members of the governing body, and to society as a whole, that the path you have taken in your life is a model for others, “he said.
Arts Council Karachi has expanded the scope for financial support of deserving artists through an endowment fund to overcome education, the marriage of girls, treatment of artists, and other issues. Mahmood Sham said that there is such a person among us today. His work has helped many people.

Mazhar Abbas said that the work which belonged to the state was done by a few people but his name is reflected in his work. This work was started by the state later, but Dr Amjad Saqib did it quietly. Syed Ayaz Mehmood said that mention of Dr Amjad Saqib and brotherhood are incomplete without each other. Dr Sahib studied in the USA and was nominated for the Nobel peace Prize.

“I congratulate him for writing such a wonderful biography,” Shaheen Aziz Niazi said that Dr. Sahib put his heart out in “4 Admi” in which he said that he wanted to work without interest, he did it in good faith in which he succeeded, he said that the government also took part in this work and if a poor person takes a loan, he should take advantage of it himself, and spend all his life in the way of his Lord in which those four men became good people The author of the book, Dr Amjad Saqib while talking, said that the honor bestowed on him in Karachi is a great honor for me. He said that the story of the book revolves around Dr Amjad Saqib including Sir Ganga Ram, Malik Meraj Khalid, and Dr Rashid Chaudhry.

It tells how these three people got out of poverty, and became a good doctor and a politician whose example is rarely found. In the evening, wearing the same shoes, his father used to sit in the panchayat and make decisions. Similarly, Rasheed Chaudhry suffered from poverty and migration and reached a big place.

Talking about Sir Ganga Ram he said that in his book Ganga Ram says that Muslims are very worried about whether Ganga Ram is in heaven or hell, so I don’t know why they are worried and then he says tell them about me. Stop worrying, think about yourself, and let the person who made heaven and hell decide who will go there and who No, why are you worried about what will happen to Ganga Ram? He said that political workers should stay away from politics but should not stay away from politicians.

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