ACPK holds annual general body meeting

ACPK holds annual general body meeting

ACPK holds annual general body meeting

The annual general body meeting of the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi held on Sunday turned into a major social and cultural event in the city.

A large number of well-known intellectuals, poets, writers, painters, and artists who are members of the Arts Council were engaged in meetings and discussions before and after the General Body Meeting. The General Body Meeting was held in the open-air theater.

The meeting was scheduled for 6:30 pm, but a large number of members had already started gathering before 5:00 pm. The meeting started at 6:32 am. Executive Director Nadeem Zafar commenced the meeting with the recitation of Holy verses later he invited Chairman Arts Council and Commissioner Karachi Muhammad Iqbal Memon, Deputy Commissioner Irshad Sodhar, President Muhammad Ahmad Shah, Secretary Prof Ejaz Farooqi, Joint Secretary Asjad Bukhari, Acting Treasurer Bashir Sadozai to come on the stage.

 The meeting dealt with the agenda including last year’s proceedings and approval of the audit report. Chairman Arts Council Karachi and Commissioner Karachi Muhammad Iqbal Memon said that I am grateful that I am the chairman of the largest organization serving arts and culture in the country and working for the development of fine arts in the country.

“It can be said that this is a city of culture. The Arts Council is working hard to develop something commendable. We must work to reduce hatred,” he added. The Arts Council is working with Urdu as well as regional languages, which is a great service. Addressing the gathering, President of the Arts Council Mohammad Ahmed Shah said that Muhammad Ali Jinnah and the founders of Pakistan had a vision for this country.

Conspiracies were hatched to thwart the nation by dividing it into different groups. I have been serving these writers and artists for the last 14 years in the Arts Council in collaboration with some of the country’s most popular personalities.

He said that National Entertainment Award was announced for the first time in the country while the 15th Aalmi Urdu Conference would be held in Islamabad. He said that our members are concerned that the Urdu Conference has moved to Islamabad. However, this is not the case and as per the tradition of the council, Aalmi Urdu Conference will be held in Karachi too.

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