ACPK launches Former Executive Director’ Autobiography “Nisf Sadi Ka Qissa Hai”


Former Executive Director Arts Council Shamim Alam’s book “Nisf Sadi Ka Qissa Hai” was unveiled at Auditorium II at ACP in which Dr. Alia Imam, Saif-ur-Rehman, Shahnaz Ahad, Agha Masood, Shahida Khurshid Kanwal express their views.

Speaking on the occasion, Saif-ur-Rehman said that he has an old friendship with Shamim Alam. The mention of his wife in the book is admirable. The author of the book has also chosen the pictures in the book in a wonderful way.

“I am most impressed by the 189B in this book. He said that the mention of Ahmad Shah in the book, has been done with great respect, the inequality of the society has been described very well, and the travelogues in the book have also been written strongly. It is a complete book that attracts the reader towards it”.

Dr. Alia Imam said that the job of a writer is to burn the flame of knowledge in the sands of ignorance and to feed the flowers of truth by stepping in the burning embers. The whole book and author of the book and his personality is an enchantment, illumination. illumination. Agha Masood said that Shamim Alam has written very beautiful things in the book, I congratulate him very much for writing such an excellent book, he has written smooth Urdu in the book. The reader will love reading this book.

He said that he also traveled abroad with Shamim Alam. There he understood and knew better. All people must read this book. Shahnaz Ahad While saying that writing and publishing a book is a big thing in this day and age, Shamim is recounting the events in his book. He has spent precious years of his life under the roof of the Arts Council. It is a great thing to record all these observations.

Expressing his views, Shahida Khursheed Kanwal said that Shamim Alam guided me every step of the way from my job in the Arts Council to the creation of her two books. Arts Council Karachi has made tremendous progress day and night; your book will be the center of interest of the readers. Earlier, Shamim Alam explained that he had included major incidents and anecdotes of his life in this book, including his career as a journalist five years of ACP unemployment, and job; He also shared with the audience some interesting incidents during his time at the ACP. He said the credits for the recent development of the Arts council went to its President Mohammad Ahmed Shah. Rabia Ali Faridi performed the duties of director.

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