ACPK launches Sidrah Karim’s book ‘Kuch Bheege Alfaaz’

ACPK launches Sidrah Karim’s book ‘Kuch Bheege Alfaaz’


Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi on Wednesday launched the book “Kuch Bheege Alfaaz” authored by Sidrah Karim.

The event was presided over by Dr. Alia Imam while renowned actors including Mustafa Qureshi, Sahir Lodhi, Shehzad Qureshi, Poets Ali Zarion, Afshan Sheikh, Rani Apa, GN Mughal, Nimrah Jamil, Mansoor Sahir, Tahira Nasir, Umar Iftikhar, Nazia Kamran, Shahida Khursheed Kanwal, and others expressed their views.

Dr. Alia Imam said that along with poetry, how the author has written essays and made them a part of the book is an important need of the time in today’s society.

Actor Mustafa Qureshi said that writing a book at such a young age and even in such a way that the reader falls under its spell is very amazing. I congratulate the author for writing the best book.

Sahir Lodhi said that when I read one page, I was compelled to read the whole book.

Shehzad Qureshi said that not everyone gets the honor of poetry. It is not so easy to memorize and recite poetry. I congratulate her on this book. We have to come forward for Urdu literature. We cannot pay the debt of what we write in our language.

Poet Ali Zariyoun said that we have forgotten the art of winning people. He said that I was most impressed by her poems and prose.

Author Sidrah Karim said that I have been interested in writing since childhood. Along with the web series and short film, I also continued my poetry which is in front of you today in the form of “Kuch Bheege Alfaaz”. Sidra Karim paid regards to all attendees. At the end of the program, shields were also presented to the distinguished guest.

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