Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi Literary Committee on Fiction Writing organized Zubair raj’s second poetry collection “Sadai Dil” launching at Hasina Moin Hall.

The ceremony was presided over by Dr Ouj.e.Kamal, Special Guest was Haji Abdul Shakoor, and Honorary Guest was Engineer Muhammad Yameen while the speakers were included Saeed Khan and Sohail Ahmed.

Dr Kamal said that Zubair Raj study is wide as well as observation is very deep, his book is a gift to us, his arrival is a breath of fresh air in the new generation.

Sohail Ahmed said that Zubair Raj is a very good poet we have to bring forward young and sincere people in our literature so that society can progress, he said that the poet is like a sep who absorbs a drop of water and make pearls, the poet stimulates lifeless words with his thinking and poetry so Zubair Raj has done the same thing. I congratulate him.

Abdul Shakoor said that the poetry of “Sada-e-Dil” is a poem from the heart; he has reflected the society in his poetry.

Zubair Raj said that I am a common poet, you can guess better by reading a book about me, he also shared his poems with the audience.

Engineer Muhammad Yameen said that I was very happy to read his words, he said that the poet is not born, Zubair Raj also raised the name of the community through poetry which is commendable

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