Administrator Karachi encourages KMDC to take steps for university status

Administrator Karachi encourages KMDC to take steps for university status

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While presiding over a meeting to review the academic and administrative affairs of the Karachi Medical and Dental College, the Administrator Karachi Laeeq Ahmed said that concerned officers of the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation and KMDC administration should take measures for getting university status for the college.

During the meeting, he was informed that as many as 250 MBBS and 100 BDS students are currently enrolled in the college who belong to lower-income families. KMDC generates Rs. 12o million from annual fee while the college makes Rs. 4 million from its OPD services. This, however, is a very small amount to run a medical college, so the corporation should take all possible to meet the needs.

On the occasion, the administrator said that KMDC is a ray of hope for those parents who can’t pay heavy fees for their talented children. He suggested that the colleges should also set up a private wing of the dental hospital to generate more funds.

He said that the unpaid salaries of faculty members and officers would be paid in the coming few weeks. From July, the KMC Finance Department would regularly provide Rs. 10 million every month in the account of salaries.

He stressed that faculty members should not compromise on quality education. They should do their best for the well-being of the students. Doctors play a role in protecting the health of the people and saving their lives. Steps should be taken to provide the best possible educational facilities to the students.

He said that it is important to secure the future of the children. In this regard, KMC would take steps to remove all hurdles. The quality of education at KMDC isn’t inferior to other medical and dental colleges of the country. But there is a need to further uplift the quality of the college, its laboratories, library, and dental department.

Directing the KMC Finance Department, the administrator said that the medical students should available all the facilities in the college. The issue of unpaid would be resolved as soon as possible so that the faculty members can perform their duties with full attention, diligence, and dedication, he said.

Karachi Metropolitan Corporation is proud of the KMDC students who secure admissions on merit after a tough competition. This trend of merit should be maintained in the future, said Laiq Ahmed.

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